Rumor: All-Stars Racing Transformed announcement tomorrow, celebrity appearance

According to gonintendo, an email from SEGA arrived stating the following:

This Tuesday at the SEGA E3 Booth, SEGA will be making a major announcement for their upcoming title Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed. There will be a large reveal, celebrity appearance and photo/video opportunities. We hope you or someone from your team can make it to cover the big news and please let us know if you have any questions.

Some speculate that the celebrity will be a fictional character, such as a man in a Mario suit announcing the Wii U version and Mario as a guest character. But I think otherwise. Mario isn’t a celebrity, he’s a fictional character. But you know who is a celebrity, has a connection to SEGA and has been mentioned in the past as being a possible racer in the first All-Stars Racing title? That’s right, Hiroshi Fujioka also known as Segata Sanshiro. If SEGA pulls a Segata reveal tomorrow, they will have won E3 without even holding a press briefing. Another possibility is Toshihiro Nagoshi, who is heading to E3. Could Nagoshi be revealing Kazuma Kiryu as a racer?


18 responses to “Rumor: All-Stars Racing Transformed announcement tomorrow, celebrity appearance

  1. Radrappy says:

    I would agree with you except that they made a point of inviting RMC from gonintendo. Not a stretch to assume it’s a nintendo related announcement?

    • Who knows, could be a Wii U reveal and a SEGA celeb or Miyamoto and a Mario reveal. Which would be great for the game’s Wii U sales, but would not be awesome for SEGA fans who wanted a SEGA character reveal.

  2. Wonks says:

    You know who would fit in really well with Transformed? Fox McCloud. He could have a modified Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue Marine. In any case, I can’t wait!

  3. pcwzrd13 says:

    “celebrity appearance”

    Ryo Hazuki?

  4. Limmy says:

    Who cares about Wii U, what is so good about a Sonic or Sega related game on Nintendo machines, the Wii U is going to barely scrape above Ps3 and 360 performance, it’s last gen already before the latest batch of consoles are even out.

    Bring on the legendary Segata SanShiro any day!!!!

    • sonicplayer says:

      I heard wii U can run unreal engine 4 (not sure where) an engine so powerful only next gen consoles and PC’s will be able to handle it, but I’ll be the judge of that when it’s revealed thursday.

  5. ShadiNeko says:

    The celebrity is Nagoshi, duh

  6. Limmy says:

    Not sure I like the look of Vyse’s car in the background there, doesn’t go well, why does it always have to be a car they drive, they could’ve had Vyse in a Pirate ship and side mounted canons on it, it would be much cooler..and suit him.

  7. batfax says:

    New character is all I need to know to be excited.

  8. Kori-Maru says:

    Torrrah! That is all.

  9. Sega Uranus says:

    This would all be well and good, but try not to get your hopes up too high…

    Segata Sanshiro is one of the most requested and would be an incredible addition, but he is one of the most well known Japanese actors… No way he would come cheap.

    • batfax says:

      Yeah. I kinda expect it to be Hatsune Miku. She’s considered some kinda “digital” celebrity, isn’t she? Segata would still blow my mind though, and I would be incredibly envious of anyone there to see him in person.

    • George says:

      He did a promotional event a few years back for Rambo on arcade. They can do it for something ‘bigger’ than a licensed arcade title.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    Nagoshi is there to reveal F-Zero Wii U during Nintendo’s conference.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  11. grime says:


  12. Barry the nomad says:

    SEGA announces not a new console, but a new country. Segata will be ruler of SEGA Republic in Dubai, which has been granted the right to be its own country. Fans can apply for citizenship. Those who had Play SEGA accounts are already in. Taxes in SEGA Republic go towards Shenmue 3.

  13. SkyBlue says:

    It wouldn’t be far fetched for Segata to be a playable character.

    If Idea Factory (a niche developer) could but a cameo of him in their game, then surely SEGA has a better chance of putting his likeness in the crossover game?

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