Jet Set Radio HD achievements revealed – game to include JSRF tunes?

Achievements for the upcoming release of Jet Set Radio HD have been revealed, and with them comes a hint towards a bonus that SEGA has yet to speak of. At the top of the list of thirty achievements is one titled “Back to the Future” with the description “Unlock all songs in the bonus menu”. To my knowledge, there was never a bonus menu that unlocked songs in the original game. There was a sound test, but that was complete from the start. No unlocking necessary. The achievement’s title mentions “future”, which of course was in the title of the franchise’s second game Jet Set Radio Future. Could SEGA be adding an option to play select tunes from Jet Set Radio Future? Or is it simply a nod to the sequel and nothing more? After the break, the full list of achievements.

Back to the future 10
Unlock all songs in the bonus menu

Number one artist 20
Use all graffiti in missions

A working senior 20
Unlock Goji and use him as a player character

Dog runs too! 20
Unlock Pots and use him as a player character

Love rules 10
Unlock Love Shockers and use her as a player character

Noise music 10
Unlock Noise Tank and use him as a player character

Behind the mask 10
Unlock unmasked Poison Jam

Rise of Monsters 10
Unlock Poison Jam and use him as a player character

I need a parachute 5
Fall more than 20 meters off a building

Look behind 5
Perform a Turn Trick in game

Unlock Garam 10
Unlock Garam and use him as a player character

Cop sucks 10
Draw graffiti 5 times on Onishima’s back

King of the street 10
Complete all missions with any rating

Feel the beat 5
Start game for the first time

Tag you’re it! 10
Tag out at least one rival gang member within 30 seconds

Detached 20
Finish the game without anyone latching onto you with your first attempt

Public menace 10
Make 100 civilians jump out of your way

Scrapyard bully 5
Shove the two civilians in No.540 level before the choppers show up

That’s how we grind! 10
Perform a 100+ trick combo

No Eyes in the Sky 10
Draw graffiti 5 times on Helicopters

The gang’s all here 20
Unlock all characters

Remixes suck! 5
Complete a level without collecting a Recovery Spray Can

I got Soul 50
Collect all Graffiti Souls

When you’re a Jet 50
Complete every level with Jet rating

So creative 10
Create a graffiti in all sizes

Paint the town red 10
Complete Chapter 3

Second coat applied 10
Complete Chapter 2

First coat applied 10
Complete Chapter 1

Training wheels 10
Complete Tutorial

We got us a crew 5
Unlock Gum and Tab


4 responses to “Jet Set Radio HD achievements revealed – game to include JSRF tunes?

  1. Hitrax says:

    Can’t wait for Jet Set to come out, it’s taking a bit longer than I thought though but it’s probably because Sega are still working to get these last two tracks from the Dreamcast back in this re-release, one of which was Yappie Feet by David Soul the UK producer, although can’t quite remember the other one. Still no firm release fixed release date but the achievement reveal is a promising sign it’s near completion, as most achievements come out just weeks before the games official release.

  2. Gagaman says:

    The icon for that music achievement is also the JSRF logo, so I;m going to bet they stuck a few choice tracks from that game in for sure, most likely some of the Hideki Naganuma ones like Concept of Love. Yes please!

  3. A proper port of JSRF on XBLA or PSN would be nice. Having to play the game with XBOX emulation is not quite what it should be.

  4. Gagaman says:

    With any luck this port will be successful enough to warrant them bringing JSRF out in the near future. I never owned a Xbox or 360 so that would be very very nice Sega k thanx.

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