My Life with SEGA – Batman

This week on My Life with SEGA we are having a classic episode. This week A.J. looks at Batman the video game on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.

“The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting theatres July 20th. It seems only fitting that we take a look back at Batman: The Video Game for SEGA Genesis….”

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8 responses to “My Life with SEGA – Batman

  1. betablocker says:

    Respect for your mum bud.

    My mom never liked the idea of games, let alone me playing frustrating games, that resulted in real life – rage mode.

    • mylifewithsega says:

      LOL! Damn, you should’ve seen mom with Tomb Raider. She played that fucking for 14 hours straight! She wrote her own strategy guide. Before that, she was obsessed with Tetris and Columns. Before that; Phoenix….

      Family of gamers.

  2. Shigs says:

    I only had the NES version. Still awesome. Incredibly hard, but awesome.

  3. Crazytails says:

    These are great videos. Cant wait for more

  4. Hitrax says:

    These shooting parts look surprisingly good..

  5. Kesh says:

    Still the best Batman film ever…

  6. matty says:

    I never played nut the NES game sounds amazing

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