Xbox Live slashing Virtua Tennis 2009 and SEGA Superstars Tennis price to $5

So lets say you haven’t played Virtua Tennis 2009 or SEGA Superstars Tennis. You just don’t the will power to get up, go to a store and purchase a game. Well, thankfully the fine folks at Microsoft are throwing a 75% off Games on Demand sale. So instead of paying $19.99 for the titles, you can now pay $4.99. What a bargain, if you don’t have the games that is. The discount price starts on June 19th and ends on June 25th.

Titles will be available on sale on all regions the game came out. So its available for everyone outside of Japan. I guess you can buy everyone in your family a copy of SEGA Superstars Tennis and force them to play against you now. Fun, fun.


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