SEGA Tunes: Crush 40’s In His World

Five years ago, I was really into Sonic music. It had the great beats and cheesy lyrics that I absolutely love. When Sonic 2k6 turned out to be an utter disappointment, I was able to take solace in one thing: its soundtrack was pretty good.

Though the one song I didn’t care for was Sonic’s theme “In His World” by Zebrahead. I loved the violins and the beat, but I didn’t care for the vocalist, whom couldn’t really match up to Crush40. The beat of the song was also a bit too slow for a Sonic song. The Crush40 version fixed all that, by speeding up the song and of course, using a vocalist whom I prefer. This version feels more like a Sonic song.


One response to “SEGA Tunes: Crush 40’s In His World

  1. Sonicplayer says:

    U know Zebrahead did a second version right and they sped up the beat.

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