Pre-order Anarchy Reigns for $26.99

Hey guys, you guys heard the bad news that Anarchy Reigns isn’t coming out till early 2013 in the West. Don’t fret, has a pretty damn good deal. Pre-order the game now and get it when it comes out for $26.99. What a great investment. Also free shipping, my favorite form of shipping.

Links: Xbox 360 version | Playstation 3 version

According to them, the list price of the item or the MSRP will be $29.99. Is SEGA planning on releasing this game as a budget title day one? If so, that is probably a good move, in my opinion.


5 responses to “ Pre-order Anarchy Reigns for $26.99

  1. DCGX says:

    That’s a damn good deal, but I have a theory. This is mainly a multiplayer, and because of that, online game. I wonder if SEGA doesn’t want to deal with servers at all, and this will be offline only in NA. That would suck, and this is of course just my theory, but the low price coupled with the previous potential cancellation makes me think this way.

    • Centrale says:

      No, the only time any publisher runs its own servers for console games is for MMO. For any other multiplayer titles, there are general use servers for PSN and XBLA.

    • DCGX says:

      EA runs their own servers. So does Atlus for Demon Souls and Konami (did) with MGS4’s online portion.

      But like I said, it’s just my theory.

  2. sth88 says:

    That’s a good deal. If this game does indeed come out at 29.99, it might just stand a fighting chance.

  3. SpandersP says:

    I think anyone who’s interested in picking it up will import it from day 1. This will have a massive impact on sales in the US and Europe, which I believe has prompted SEGA to reduce the RRP.

    I could be wrong though.

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