SEGA Tunes: Sonic Rush’s What U Need

Hideki Naganuma has a very distinct style that is very difficult to miss, often mixing Japanese techno with hip-hop and funk. He’s probably one of the most notable composers to ever work with SEGA, having contributed a number of songs to games like Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, and Ollie King. His work set the tone for these games, and meshed very well with the off beat Japanese style of these games.

Needless to say, his work on Sonic Rush is similarly revered. It’s composed of some of the most eclectic, energetic and unique songs you’ll hear in a Sonic soundtrack, such as the above song. Fans of Naganuma will also be happy to hear that as of today, the Sonic Rush soundtrack is now available on iTunes for everyone to download!


2 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Sonic Rush’s What U Need

  1. segaismysavior says:

    Damn, that was good! I also just heard “Wrapped in Black.” I’m gonna have to buy that soundtrack.

  2. SwaggerHedgie says:

    Epic 😀

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