Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition Trailer

Sega will release a remastered version of Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2 exclusively for the PS3, the remastered version boasts HD graphics and a much needed cut in loading times for both games. Will it head West? It’s hard to say at the moment, we don’t really know Sega’s plans for Yakuza in North America and Europe but we can all hope, right? Heck I would take it as a PSN digital download if it meant we could get it in English.

The Yakuza series is one of my favourite new IPs from Sega in recent years, it’s such a shame that with each new release it feels like another heart ache over weather it’ll receive a Western release. Let’s hope Sega West sees the potential in the Yakuza series and continues to support it for years to come because by the looks of Yakuza 5, it’s not going anywhere.


4 responses to “Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition Trailer

  1. Orta says:

    The cutscenes look kind of blurry and stretched. I’m guessing they’re using the original video. 🙁

  2. -nSega54- says:

    Can’t really see a difference visually.

  3. Centrale says:

    Trust me, I played Yakuza 2 not too long ago. These are big improvements. They’ve completely gotten rid of the so-called “jaggies.”

  4. Dubba814 says:

    If only they had this in the U.S. for PC. 🙁

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