Binary Domain Multiplayer DLC to feature Akiyama, Majima and Goda!

Kazuma Kiryu is not the only character set to make the jump from the Yakuza series to Binary Domain. SEGA today has revealed free DLC skins for three other highly popular Yakuza characters in the forum of Goro Majima, Shun Akiyama and Ryuji Goda. Just like with Kiryu, each character will have either a government forces outfit, which is their default model, or a resistence fighter outfit. The characters will be released for PSN users in Japan starting with  Akiyama on February 28, Goda on March 6 and Majima on March 13. XBLA users will get all three characters free on March 13. For all the screenshots, hit the jump after the break and for additional information on the sponserships that will be found in Binary Domain, hit the Andriasang link for more info!


3 responses to “Binary Domain Multiplayer DLC to feature Akiyama, Majima and Goda!

  1. nicklc182 says:

    This is sick! Good idea to co-promote in the lead up to Yakuza Dead Souls.

  2. Cloke says:

    Except nothing has been mentioned about these being available in the US, let alone the Kazuma skin.

  3. Janvier says:

    Amazing game, I want Binary Domain 2 !

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