Toejam and Earl and its sequel on their way to XBLA and PSN

Let’s categorize this one under “it’s about frigging time.” It’s being reported that our favorite alien duo from the Genesis era, Toejam and Earl, are on their way to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN sometime in the near future.

Toejam and Earl and its sequel, Toejam and Earl in Panic on Funkatron, have both been available digitally on the WiiWare service for years, though this release will mark their first stint on HD consoles.

Though SEGA has yet to confirm the news (letalone offer a release date or price point) series creators Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger have reportedly verified its legitimacy.

As far as this potentially leading to new adventures starring Toejam and Earl down the road, Johnson seems hopeful.

“I particularly want to create a new cross platform multi-player version of TJ & E and set the characters in some new environments – but with the original rogue-like game-one game play,” Johnson said. “I get so many requests from fans.”

He also makes it clear though that nothing is currently planned.

We’ll update you with more details as soon as SEGA makes them available.


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