Danica Patrick’s All-Stars Racing Transformed vehicle revealed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed guest characters Danica Patrick and Wreck-It Ralph have their vehicles on display in two new promo photos. Danica’s images are the most interesting, as up until now we have yet to see anything of her in-game self. Danica’s car might look familiar, as it is based off the design of a fictional car she designed with Hot Wheels for a toy car. Ralph remains unchanged from when we saw him last at the Sonic Boom event. After the break, check out Ralph’s image.



32 responses to “Danica Patrick’s All-Stars Racing Transformed vehicle revealed

  1. The Dead Skin says:


  2. Amrith says:

    Damn, Danica should have driven a rebuild of the Hornet from Daytona USA. What’s the point here ? They could have made a hit with their mistake, paying homage to a classic but hey, it’s SEGA, so let’s do bad decisions again.

    My hopes were obviously too high for this game.

  3. Sumo has hinted that the final unlockable racer will cover more than one IP, so there is still hope for a vehicle that is Hornet on land, another IP on air and a third IP on sea. Perhaps with a super sweet driver to operate it.

    Besides, Danica doesn’t deserve the Hornet!

  4. DCGX says:

    At least the car looks cool. Plus, this will finally give Danice a chance to win a race!

  5. CrazyTails says:

    She’s looking great

  6. Shigs says:

    No wonder this game is coming out at $39.99. Between Nascar’s Danica Patrick, her Hot Wheels and Go Daddy decked-out car and Wreck it Ralph, the cross promotion practically pays for the entire game. XD

  7. Hitrax says:

    So when does the game come out?

    I see Ralph from the new Wreck it Ralph film will be joining Danica also along with the rest of the roster cast, never knew till now.

    Have to agree with comments here, there’s no point bringing out something classic if you are going to change it too much, the Hornet was iconic as it is.
    It’s becoming more increasingly common for companies to fix what ain’t broke.

  8. Radrappy says:

    I would appreciated something a bit more caricatured but I suppose this fits nicely with fully proportioned characters like Akira or Shinobi.

  9. Kori-Maru says:

    Her eyes kinda weird me out. Reminds me of Xena.

  10. daniel says:

    ….this isn’t even NASCAR race car! It’s an indy car. How stupid is that Sega?

  11. Shigs says:

    See RT’s reply. She’s an F-1 driver as well.

  12. Kori-Maru says:

    She’s a Indy racer too, dang it! Where is Jacky Bryant when you need him. He’s a Indy racer too.

  13. STORM! says:

    No Bare Knuckle, Gunstar Heroes, Sakura Taisen, Puyopuyo, Phantasy Star, Shining… but, hey, they have Eternal Arcadia!! A big classic that everybody knows and got a lot of sequels!


  14. Kori-Maru says:

    I agree with STORM! since Sumo is trying to push for a Japan release. SumoRex said that they would have to rework the game for the Japanese market.

    • Pao says:

      I don’t think he would mean new characters/tracks by “rework”.

      I’m puzzled why SEGA won’t release this in Japan.

  15. Alexandre says:

    It may be lacking some characters from some other sega franchises, but u people gotta admit it… it’s a roster way better than ANY kart/racing game to date..
    Every time a new character is revealed I say “What? No way!? He/She??”

  16. SkyBlue says:

    Since when did Keira Knightly sign up for this game?

  17. Teflon02 says:

    I’m loving everything about this game but 2 things. No announcement of Alex Kid, Bonanza Bros & Billy Hatcher, my 3 main characters from the original All-Stars Racing. Also Denica Patrick, not that I hate her, but it’s me personally hating to realistic of characters to be included. It’s like Nathan Drake in PlayStation All-Stars, I hate how out of place he is, since he’s just a regular guy, though, I guess he was going to be in it no matter what.

  18. Teflon02 says:

    So a Billy Hatcher Snow level is confirmed, so
    All 4 Classic returns are also announced, shame the 3rd Monkey Ball stage won’t return, would have fit the criteria quite easily.
    SunShine Tour
    Egg Hangar
    Shibuya Downtown
    Roulette Road
    Also announced allsonic stages were revealed (5).
    Ocean View
    Sky Sanctuary
    Galactic Parade
    Egg Hangar
    Roulette Road
    Now if only Billy Hatcher is in, a Alex Kid stage and character and a form of RiStar in a stage or as a character

  19. Hitrax says:

    What about Ryo Hazuki or Segata San Shiro?

    If they don’t make it in at some point, then the original will always have something over the sequel.

  20. Quick Chang says:

    It’s nice to see a fresh face or two in Sonic’s new racing game, even if they’re 3rd party. Danica’s car looks great, and it’s also in my favorite color. Wreck-it Ralph also has a nice ride, though I’d like a better view of boat-mode. Also the last time I saw a 6-wheel car with 4-wheel steering was on Mario Kart Double Dash!!, it was Bowser’s.

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