SEGA officially reveals Danica Patrick with screens, a trailer and a toy car!

SEGA has officially revealed Danica Patrick’s in-game model and car via three new screens and a new trailer. Also revealed, a retailer exclusive diecast Hot Wheels car which will be available with the purchase of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed at select retailers thanks to a partnership between SEGA and Mattel. Marcella Churchill, Senior Director of Marketing at SEGA of America, had this to say about the partnership:

“Using Danica Patrick’s existing relationship with Mattel and Hot Wheels, we were able to extend our brand beyond the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed game universe and into consumer products with the creation of this custom toyThe Hot Wheels brand has a reputation for developing beloved childhood toys and our partnership will undoubtedly ignite this nostalgia amongst fans when they get to race this transforming vehicle within the game.”

The trailer also reveals a release date for the Vita and 3DS versions: December 11th, 2012. After the break, screens of Danica and her car the Danicar as well as an image of the diecast toy.


5 responses to “SEGA officially reveals Danica Patrick with screens, a trailer and a toy car!

  1. High and Broken says:


  2. Kazama says:

    The Hornet would off been PERFECT FOR HER! Nascar Racer in a SEGA’s equivalent of a NASCAR vehicle ? It works so well but nope Hot WHEELS! which I admit looks pretty awesome in game but Daytona USA’s Hornet needs some love lol

    • Not all the racers have been revealed yet, and Sumo has hinted that the final big unlock is a racer that covers multiple IPs. So we may get a Hornet that transforms into a different SEGA arcade vehicle for air and water (After Burner jet and Hang-On jet ski?)

  3. radrappy says:

    well that was embarrassing to watch. I like how they decided to have her saving Amy rose to demonstrate some kind of grrl power. yuck.

  4. Kevin-N says:

    Where the hell is Ryo Hazuki ???

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