SEGA Tunes: A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup & Revenge

Halloween is kickin’ tomorrow with a bang. Just for this special occasion for this eerie holiday, The SEGABits staff and I decided to give you to classic tunes from our beloved Sega franchises. A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup from Sonic Adventure 2 composed by Tomoya Ohtani and lyrics sung by Hunnid-P. I’m not a huge fan of rap but with Knuckles stages in Sonic Adventure 2, I can groove to. The song describes Knuckles going through the haunted hills fighting off Boos (ugly looking creeps that really like to scare the **** out of you). The song gives out that eerie feeling to it mixed with rap and I believe it gave out a memorable feel to Sonic fans during the time. I still remember playing this stage on the Sega Dreamcast for the first time. The first time I heard this song, I nod my head going through the Church only to be chased away by a ghost. After the break, we go within the hallways of The House of the Dead.

Looks like things are getting creepy and groovy within Curien’s Mansion with the over the top techno blast! This next music for our Tuesday Tune for Halloween is the rearranged version of “Revenge” by Tetsuya Kawauchi, the second chapter of the original House of the Dead for the Sega Saturn. As one of my favorite tracks from the first game, this piece has a nice horror theme to it with the organic piano sounds, bass, and mix of techno that makes you want shoot and rave through the hallways. I also love the voice samples in the music as if it was JSR of the Saturn era. Every now and then when I play a game of ASR, I listen to this tune to get me pumped for the race.

And there you have it folks. We at SEGABits wish you guys a happy Halloween! Tell us what’s your favorite horror themed Sega tune?


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  1. Dubba814 says:

    The House of the Dead is f**kin’ epic!

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