First commercial for Aliens: Colonial Marines already making the rounds

2013 has just begun but SEGA of America seems to be diving right in. Though Gearbox’s highly anticipated Aliens title doesn’t see release until this February, TV spots are already making the rounds; probably the first commercial I’ve actually caught on TV for a SEGA release since….heck, MadWorld?

Here’s hoping the strong marketing push continues up through the game’s release, as it’s an incredible commercial and has me already eager to preorder.


3 responses to “First commercial for Aliens: Colonial Marines already making the rounds

  1. TimmiT says:

    I’d be ok with the new trailers and commercial if it didn’t have some guy desperately trying to sound bad-ass by saying terrible lines like “IN SPACE, THEY SAY NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM. THEY WERE WRONG.”

    Also, while I’m sure that the game will sell well, the game itself looks like it will be more scripted than most Call of Duty games.

    • Crazytails says:

      Usually comercials are like that. It’s strange when games like this are aimed towards a more adult audience and marketeers, being so called specialized in what they do, are totally missing the point with their commercials in general(so i dont mean anyone specific).

  2. BareKnuckl4 says:

    It’s amazing that i can’t remember the last time i see a SEGA advertisement on UK TV, probably Mario & SONIC at the olympics… Nope i’m lying it was the London olympics game they made.

    Anyway i hope to see some aliens adverts too. Would be great to see SEGA of to a strong 2013.

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