Sonic Dash releases to iOS, Android version to come

SEGA has created a snazzy release day trailer for Sonic Dash, now available for iOS devices, and has also revealed that an Android version is on the way. According to the “Upcoming Games” section on SEGA’s website, Android is listed alongside iOS devices. Having played a half hour of the game, I have to say that it is a lot of fun! Sure the game would have probably never existed had Temple Run not been a hit, but it wouldn’t be fair to call Sonic Dash a complete rip-off. While Temple Run does predate Sonic Dash, games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Sonic and the Black Knight in turn predate Temple Run. Share your thoughts on the mobile game in our dedicated forum topic.

After the break, check out a gallery of images showcasing the other characters available in the game. No, Shadow is not yet playable. Sorry.


15 responses to “Sonic Dash releases to iOS, Android version to come

  1. Brutus says:

    It’s amazing how well Temple Run has done and how much money it’s made, it makes sense for Sega to capitalize on this, even if it isn’t a rip off. Sonic Dash has an iconic protagonist while Temple run’s is more generic.

    Hopefully Sega will do well from this, though having just read an article of Sega doing so badly that they have to licence Sonic porn now (No Joke!) simply to aid their Japanese Arcade industry to stay afloat, it wasn’t looking to good until recently, the fact Sega has to take their most valuable IP and licence erotic novels out of it is shockingly hard to believe and a far cry of the Sega we all remember in ’91 and ’92.

    Though admitedly, this news isn’t too recent, but not that old either, it came out no longer before just two months ago.

    This was probably before we saw Sega’s official earnings and buy out of the ‘Relic’ company and all the licenses.
    So Sega may not be doing as bad after all if true.

    • Vinny says:

      Pretty sure that was confirmed as false…

    • Gagaman says:

      Oh yay that stupid sonic porn “news” from a blatantly parody themed gaming site is still fooling people? Are people really this dumb or think that little of any game company to believe that?

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. I can NEVER see Sega doing that to one of their franchises. That’s like Nintendo doing that to Pokemon or Mario. And Brutus, Aside from mario, Sonic is a very popular video game character among young children. Can you Imagine what would happen if there parent’s found out that there are erotic novels based on their child’s favorite game series? the shitstorm that would follow would be HUGE. Besides, if it was true I would hear this report on major gaming websites and other blogs by now.

    • Wanton says:

      It’s not because SEGA wanted to do it, it is because they NEEDED to do it, Sonic The Hedgehog is about the only consistently successful IP Sega has, no other Sega franchise matches it by far.
      They obviously know that there is a huge market for this, yes, even Sonic related porn, unthinkable and just so surreal, but it’s very real.

    • Gagaman says:

      It is NOT real, where are you even reading this, what is your source? It is complete nonsense.

      This “news” is the stupidest thing people are spreading around STILL. How gullible are you?

  2. betablocker says:

    Even preceding the Wii games…
    You had the special stage all the way back in Sonic 2. Which is the earliest example of a non stop running Sonic game.

    Although this is perhaps most similar to special stages from Sonic 3D Blast.

  3. Amrith says:

    What the f*** with dubstep since a few months ?
    Stop that Sega.

  4. honest gamer says:

    Another shity sonic game. The sonic I know and love died with the genesis. Pathetic.

  5. SkyBlue says:

    Wanton is obviously trolling. If SEGA did do that not only would they have angry parents, but a LOT of boycotts would happen which would effectively kill SEGA as the small company that it is now.

    Anyway, looks good, although I wish SEGA let Hardlight do their own IPs as opposed to Sonic….Sonic Team should be the ones cranking this stuff out.

  6. Monty says:

    Funny how Sonic makes use of the roll to duck under tight spaces in this game instead of the slide.

    • betablocker says:

      I think that is way better than the slide!

      I think Sonic should roll up even when you boost, it would help explain, how enemies are knocked out without taking damage.

  7. Dan Jones says:

    Android removed from the site.

  8. Anthony says:

    I havnt played this game yet but it looks so cool! I just hope it comes on Android cuz it looks so cool! I hope sega adds shadow and sliver to the characters

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