Phantasy Star will celebrate 25 years with a symphony

SEGA will be celebrating Phantasy Star‘s 25th anniversary on March 30th, they will be holding a one night symphonic tribute to the franchise and promises big special guest and music pieces from most major Phantasy Star titles. The event will be hosted by voice actress Atsuko Enomoto and legendary SEGA developer Yuji Naka. The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will be doing the music and will be conducted by Masamichi Amano. In a play on words, SEGA will call the event ‘Sympathy‘.

One of the big special guess is our boy Takenobu Mitsuyoshi who will do the vocals for ‘Go Infinity‘.

SEGA will be advertising and sell a lot of exclusive music item codes at the event that will unlock in Phantasy Star Online 2. Sounds like a fun time. No news on streams or if it will be released after.


4 responses to “Phantasy Star will celebrate 25 years with a symphony

  1. betablocker says:

    Well that is precisely what is wrong with the event.

    Yes, Naka coded the first 2 games and then PSO 1 & 2.

    But the series was created by Rieko Kodama, who is still employed by Sega. She wrote and directed the first 4 games and since the 4th one is the only one i’ve played I would rather have her host the event.

    But this is a profitable thing and not a sincere tribute to the franchise therefore you get somebody more recognizable such as Yuji Naka.

  2. batfax says:

    The entire original series being relegated to a single medley is what bothers me most, personally. But you take what you can get I guess. I’ll see if I can’t get that art book they’ll be selling at the event somehow.

  3. ZeroDL says:

    Rather have an announcement for ‘Phantasy Star V’.
    can still dream I guess.


    Why can’t they celebrate by releasing PSO2 on the vita in the states?? That would be nice 😉

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