SEGA Network partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard deemed “essential reading for future generations” by The British Library

An insanely awesome bit of news dropped earlier this month, though we’ve just learned of it this weekend. The British Library has begun to digitally archive all of the UK web, meaning just about everything on the internet originating from the UK will be stored for future generations. Very cool stuff, but it gets even cooler. SEGA Network partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard, one of the first SEGA blogs I wrote for and continue to write for, was selected by curators and other experts from all the participating libraries to be essential reading for future generations researching our life and times in 2013. How many sites did these experts put on the list? A mere 100 websites. That’s right, amongst the likes of  Ebay, Twitter, Facebook and UK sites like Daily Mash, Moonpig, the official website of Stephen Hawking, the BBC and lots of political and official government websites, sits a SEGA fansite. How awesome is that? The BBC even noted The Dreamcast Junkyard by saying:

Some other lesser known ones include the Anarchist Federation, the Dracula Society and The Dreamcast Junkyard – a blog dedicated to the community of gamers who continue to play Dreamcast games online, despite the fact they were officially discontinued in 2002.

A big congrats to The Dreamcast Junkyard writing team including the site’s founder Tomleecee and writers fatherkrishna, The GagaMan(n), Barry the Nomad, Caleb, and NebachadnezzaR.


8 responses to “SEGA Network partner site The Dreamcast Junkyard deemed “essential reading for future generations” by The British Library

  1. crackdude says:

    What. This is beyond amazing.

  2. What amazes me is Sega Nerds broke this story first. Barry, isn’t that your site?

    • I have no connections to SEGA Nerds, and actually Radio SEGA was the first to share the story, and the story itself broke 10 days ago. Seems somebody Radio SEGA follows tweeted the story and they picked up on it:

      Very cool stuff. I’ve written for DCJY since 2009, and a big thanks to Tomleecee for bringing me on as a writer and to Gagaman for working with me to keep the site up to date with both content and a fresh design.

    • I meant isn’t the Dreamcast Junkyard your site, not Sega Nerds.. Jeesh.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I write for it, but its not technically my site. Though Gagaman and a few other writers and myself pulled the most weight over the past few years, and owner Tomleecee has recently returned with regular contributions.

  3. InTheSky says:

    Amazing. Props to the Dreamcast Junkyard.

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