Check out SEGA’s extended look at 7th Dragon 2020-II

Above is SEGA’s extended look at 7th Dragon 2020-II, showing you over 17 minutes of gameplay footage.The video has Director Dai Oba playing the game with legendary SEGA producer Rieko Kodama.

Check out that dragon fight in the end, gets me excited. The game comes out in Japan tomorrow, April 18th. No western date announced for the game, but don’t expect it coming over, since both 7th Dragon and 7th Dragon 2020 didn’t make it over.


3 responses to “Check out SEGA’s extended look at 7th Dragon 2020-II

  1. Michael says:

    I know Sega has no interest in bringing this to the west, but I wish Atlus, NIS or Xseed would consider it. It’s niche so just do a minimal translation and do digital distribution only and make it so Vita as well as PSP owners can download it.

  2. Ben says:

    It sucks that this was on the PSP. Nintendo seems to be bringing a lot of Japanese RPGs over (a refreshing change for them) on the 3DS and of course I feel like Atlus, NIS or Xseed would have been on it too, but the PSP is really a totally dead market over here.

  3. SkyBlue says:

    I guess SEGA hates money from their western fanbase…

    If Nintendo has faith in bringing over JRPGs in the form of Project x Zone and Bravely Default, then surely SEGA can port the FIRST game on the 3DS as an up-port in limited quantities and see how it sells?

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