SEGA testing their Transformers arcade game in China


Wait, SEGA has the license to make Transformers arcade games? That is new to me. SEGA’s Chinese studios will be creating this title, they have made other arcade titles like SEGA Golden Gun and K.O. Drive. Now the team is ready to start testing their next arcade title, Transformers: Human Alliance. Seeing as how Transformers is now a huge brand again, with those Micheal Bay movies, I would not be shocked if they do bring over this arcade title later in the year (and neither is the guys over at Arcade  Heroes).

Not too much information is available about the game yet, but it seems to be a shooting game where humans fight along with autobots to save planet earth. Could this be a light-gun game? Third person shooter? I guess we will see when footage starts hitting the internet.


3 responses to “SEGA testing their Transformers arcade game in China

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    Can’t wait for footage!

  2. Trippled says:

    I’m still confused what the Sega China studio is. Is it the Studio with Makoto Uchide leading, that created Golden Axe, Dynamite Cop etc. or just a random studio that makes games for cheap?

  3. ROJM says:

    A bit of both, they were meant to focus on PC games for China, that went wrong the most famous being SHENMUE ONLINE. They were also used to supply development for games like ASIAN DYNAMITE/DYNAMITE DEKA 3 and PROJECT ALTERED BEAST. But now they’re focusing on the arcade side of things because ironically that’s the side of the games industry in china that sega has seen growth in.As for TRANSFORMERS, this is the third TRANSFORMERS arcade game Sega has made. One was a lightgun game the other was a card collectible arcade racer type game.

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