Transformers: Human Alliance gameplay footage hits the net

SEGA’s Ringedge 2 licensed arcade game, Transformers: Human Alliance, has finally gotten some gameplay footage posted online. In this video you will see gameplay from the England stage, which was part of the Facebook vote SEGA held.  Seems that the cheesy voice acting that SEGA light gun shooters are known for has returned in full force in this title. You will take a role of a human, helping Autobots fight against attacking Decepticons.

Director for the title is Mr. Oga-Shi, who directed such light gun titles like Gunblade, Lost World and Let’s Go Jungle/Island franchise.



3 responses to “Transformers: Human Alliance gameplay footage hits the net

  1. RicardoRP says:

    I’m not really a fan of the Transformers franchise but that actually looks like solid fun.

  2. Sigma says:

    Looks awesome! I hope it comes to my local arcade.

  3. DCGX says:

    It looks cool, but too bad they use the character designs from the Michael Bay movies.

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