SEGA’s Transformers: Human Alliance gets G-LOC deluxe style cabinet

SEGA has launched Transformers: Human Alliance in arcades and it seems that the license has earned enough attention that SEGA went and made a deluxe cabinet (Titled Transformers: Human Alliance Special) for the game. Just how SEGA-AM2’s biggest titles all had big mechanical moving cabinets, Transformers: Human Alliance gets the SEGA R-360 type cabinet from the early 90’s, which was used with G-LOC: Air Battles.

Some people will suggest that G-LOC: Air Battles came out 15 years ago, how can that be impressive? Those people never played G-LOC on the SEGA R-360 cabinet which spins the players a full 360 degrees. Hit the jump to see the SEGA R-360 from 1990 and the new Transformers one in action after the break.

[Source: NintendoLife]

SEGA Amusements’ Transformers Human Alliance heads to Japan

SEGA Amusements’ Transformers Human Alliance, which has been out in the West since early this year and had tests in the US and China before that, has officially made its way to Japan! SEGA of Japan recently launched an official website for the game, as well as the above preview video. The rail shooter, which also features the occasional QTE, should feel familiar to those who have played SEGA’s Let’s Go Jungle! and earlier SEGA arcade classics like Gunblade N.Y. and L.A. Machineguns.

Now, whether you live in the East or the West, you have no excuse not to check this game out!

Transformers: Human Alliance arcade cabinet unboxing

SEGA’s next big arcade game in the West is ‘Transformers: Human Alliance’ which the guys over at Arcade Heroes got an unboxing of! Seems that SEGA is throwing in quite a nice promotional packages for stores that purchase the latest cabinet.

” I have to say that this is the first time I have been impressed with marketing materials to be provided with a brand new arcade game. Usually you get…nothing. On rare occasion you might get something like a poster but nothing like what comes with every single Transformers arcade machine. Kudos to Sega for giving arcade ops something more akin to what movie theaters get to promote new releases.”

Check out the gallery of assembly photos over at Arcade Heroes’ blog!

Transformers: Human Alliance gameplay footage hits the net

SEGA’s Ringedge 2 licensed arcade game, Transformers: Human Alliance, has finally gotten some gameplay footage posted online. In this video you will see gameplay from the England stage, which was part of the Facebook vote SEGA held.  Seems that the cheesy voice acting that SEGA light gun shooters are known for has returned in full force in this title. You will take a role of a human, helping Autobots fight against attacking Decepticons.

Director for the title is Mr. Oga-Shi, who directed such light gun titles like Gunblade, Lost World and Let’s Go Jungle/Island franchise.


SEGA letting you choose the next Transformers: Human Alliance trailer


If you didn’t know, SEGA is teasing their upcoming light-gun licensed game titled Transformers: Human Alliance. We have covered it before and since I really like SEGA’s (good) license arcade titles (Daytona USA, Die Hard Arcade and the lot). This time SEGA is letting users vote on what ‘trailer’ they want to see next. Each trailer is based on a area in the game, these two areas are England (which you have to like their Facebook post to vote on) and the other is Africa (which you have to share the post to like it.)

“20,000 likes! Thanks everyone! To celebrate we are going to give you a chance to see some of Transformers Human Alliance in action for the first time! LIKE to see the England stage or SHARE to see the Africa stage! Which ever is highest we will share a video of that stage next week!”

Its not surprising that England stage is winning, Facebook users are more inclined to like a post than to share it on their wall. If you want to cast your vote, check out SEGA Amusement’s Facebook page here.

SEGA testing their Transformers arcade game in China


Wait, SEGA has the license to make Transformers arcade games? That is new to me. SEGA’s Chinese studios will be creating this title, they have made other arcade titles like SEGA Golden Gun and K.O. Drive. Now the team is ready to start testing their next arcade title, Transformers: Human Alliance. Seeing as how Transformers is now a huge brand again, with those Micheal Bay movies, I would not be shocked if they do bring over this arcade title later in the year (and neither is the guys over at Arcade  Heroes).

Not too much information is available about the game yet, but it seems to be a shooting game where humans fight along with autobots to save planet earth. Could this be a light-gun game? Third person shooter? I guess we will see when footage starts hitting the internet.