EA employee says Nintendo should “done a Sega” and went 3rd party


Console wars, they never change. EA has announced that their EA Sports titles won’t be coming to Wii U and that they don’t have any games in development for the system. Does this remind anyone of the Dreamcast situation?

“Nintendo are still operating like it’s 1990.They should have “done a Sega” and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives.

If that wasn’t enough, EA’s  Bob Summerwill Senior SE and Architect of EA Sports, has decided to take to twitter to insult the console by stating that it’s a crap console and that Nintendo should have just went 3rd party (like SEGA did). But it seems that EA probably told him to stop what he was doing, since he has deleted the tweets. But of course, the internet caught on fast.

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“The WiiU is crap.Less powerful than an XBOX360.Poor online/store.Weird tablet.Nintendo are walking dead at this point.

“Instead they make this awful console, and this … nintendo.com/wiiu/downloads….Just stop it!Just make great games!

“It is an utterly intentional decision to focus our resources on markets which actually matter … like mobile, and Gen4.

“One more :-). Nintendo platforms have always been very poor revenue-wise for third parties.Only Mario and Zelda make money.

“We’re stuck with first-party stores on most platforms anyway.What’s the alternative on PC?Paying MS or Valve?



25 responses to “EA employee says Nintendo should “done a Sega” and went 3rd party

  1. pso2love says:

    TBH, I really am tired of the console wars. Stop making consoles, and go with what you use to do… make great games, cause in the end, that is really what it is all about. One more thing… Stop making exclusives! I bought an xbox360 for one game, Halo, and that was the biggest mistake I will never make again.

  2. Roscoe185 says:

    Nintendo is not like Sega. Nintendo has enough positive cash flow to stay a float for a long time, EA!!! Remember the 3DS is doing extremely well around the world. This hardware battle is still to early to declare a winner. The only loser here is EA voted the Worst American Company for two years in a row. Great job EA!!!!

  3. batfax says:

    That’s nice, Mr. Worst Company.

  4. Shagia says:

    FYI, this guy doesn’t work at EA. I don’t know where you got this source from.

  5. Autosaver says:


    Gaming journalism 101 – Don’t verify information.

  6. Sniffs says:

    Some guy I never heard of in a company I don’t like said WHAAAAAAT!!!!!

    Nintendo is the only company on the planet who people can make “more money than God” jokes about one year and then jump into “they’re going to die” the next. It’s pathetic. People have been saying this about them since the N64 days, yet here we are, and they continue to be true to themselves and do their own thing.

    Enough with this crap!

  7. sonictoast says:

    EA can kiss my butt. After the Simpsons game i said to myself, EA never again. Really, i only got that game for the sonic and mario parodies.

  8. I think it’s crazy to burn bridges like that.

  9. Sigma says:

    I agree with him. Nintendo has overstayed its welcome as a hardware manufacturer. They would contribute more to the industry if they made games for other systems instead.

    Hopefully they do become a 3rd party sooner rather than later.

  10. Beta locker says:

    I agree with him. Wii U sucks.

  11. ryo says:

    Yep, I remember those days. Dreamcast got 2K working for them and crushed EA in every sports game.

  12. jimi Andreas says:

    Anyone remember Kelly Flock?huh EA didn’t publish on sega because sega did’nt use the chipset they wanted(3dfx)and EA used to have a motto that the games they produce across platforms would look the same,maybe they felt it was too underpowered to waste their time.I don’t buy their monopolized madden games anyway

  13. MDX says:

    The problem with EA and most of these companies are that they treat Nintendo’s systems the same way as Sony’s and Microsoft’s. They need to take into account that Nintendo aims at a different market, mostly kids and family. Shoving Call of Duty, FryCry, DeapSpace and all of these other FPS titles onto the system just won’t work.

    The reason why Mario, Zelda perform so well on the system is because that’s the general market who use it. Even to an extent Sonic sells well on Nintendo systems because he appeals well with kids. This isn’t to say the system is a kid’s console, but that’s where most of the money will come from.

    This doesn’t mean flood the system with mini-game titles, but if you mean to make money you need to go for the main users. Most people who want FPS will buy them for the PC or Xbox/PS3. Same thing with sports titles. There is a market for these types of games, but it’s lower than the more family friendly kid centric one. Not every system has the same audience appeal. They just need to rethink their game release strategy for the system.

    • Jay says:

      I miss real shooters. Quake 64 was awesome and didn’t have this leaving story area garbage and tons of intro screens or this online only puke.

  14. Ben says:

    First of all, his statements are inaccurate; various Wii U games like Need For Speed Most Wanted, which look and run better on Wii U than they do on the 360 and PS3, don’t demonstrate a system “less powerful.” Granted….they don’t demonstrate a system “much more” powerful either, but that’s a very different accusation.

    Second of all, he comes across as an internet fanboy and not a professional developer. Why he would do this is beyond me.

    Third of all, burning bridges is never a good idea, regardless of the current situation.

  15. InTheSky says:

    Very misinformed.

    “just make great games!” huh? EA should take its own advice, the company is terrible.

  16. crippenstation says:

    Honestly, this is further proof that Classic Game Room was correct when calling the Wii U ‘The New Dreamcast’ in their review.

  17. Oyajitchi says:

    I hate console wars. It alienates people from potentially great games on their rivals’ system. The

    Wii U is starting slow but is making a name for itself on the market bit by bit. When this Christmas season comes up the (with all of the announcements in the Nintendo Directs), the system will probably sell big. It’s being sold at a very low price of what it is capable of (compared to other current gen consoles).

    And to the SEGA and Nintendo console war rivalry… SEGA and Nintendo both make equally good games IMO. I’ve had just as much fun on SEGA games as I’ve had on Nintendo. To me there is two different styles of gaming when playing either SEGA or Nintendo. SEGA seems to have an arcade feel to it (which I love!) while Nintendo has a more ‘console’ game feel to it. Playing games form both consoles offer two different experiences, and I’m glad I’m not stuck to one side and was able to enjoy both. 🙂

  18. MDX says:

    Another problem I have with this is, his bashing a system by comparing it to the previous gen. If you want to do that, than I say the PS4 and Xbox Infinity have already lost. How many systems has the PS4 and Infinity sold compared to the WiiU? How bigger is the user base for those two systems compared to the WiiU? 0

    You can’t call a console a failure without seeing the competition. Look how many companies were originally all for the Vita. Spec wise the Vita outshines the 3DS, yet which console is seeing units being pushed?

    Don’t count something out so soon. After-all, wasn’t the PS3 in a similar situation in regards to sales right at the start? If anything, this just shows Nintendo is on the right track.

  19. Sigma says:

    Honestly, comparing Wii U to the Dreamcast is very disrespectful to SEGA’s last console. The Dreamcast was ahead of its time, the Wii U on the other hand barely manages to keep up with the past.

  20. ViableNutria797 says:

    F**K YOU Electronic Arts!

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