New to the SEGAbits store – SEGA Master System inspired shirts & VMU inspired designs

Did you know that SEGAbits has a RedBubble shop? It’s true! Since December 2013, we’ve been uploading original designs for SEGAbits readers to purchase and wear to show their SEGA pride and to support the site. Recently, our own Liam Ashcroft aka TrackerTD of our This is Saturn video series created a Master System inspired design featuring the beloved 80’s console in a variety of styles – including one featuring Alex Kidd. We also have a VMU inspired shirt and phone case featuring a pixelated Ryo ready to fight. The design was built entirely in Photoshop and Illustrator from scratch, and the VMU icons were redrawn in the vector format. The VMU screen is a pixelated grid, allowing us to create whatever original pixelated images we can dream up. So head on over to the SEGAbits RedBubble shop today and check it out!

Find out how to get a SEGAbits themed shirt


[This is a pre-order, last day to order is 6/10/13]

I usually get messages from users asking how they can support and help the site. Honestly, the first few years we launched the site we tried advertisements, but it’s hard to run a site on such things for multiple reasons I won’t get into. Now, we run a great ad-free website and frankly I like it better this way. But it still costs money to do things, especially things we want to do for the future of the site. So if you want to help, pick up a SEGAbits shirt. You get a shirt, we get some cash to give you more ad-free content. Everyone wins!

Tee Fury: “Super Sonic Bros” shirt available only for today

If you haven’t heard of Tee Fury, its basically a site that sells ‘geeky’ themed shirts (may it deal with comics, movies or video games) for a limited time. How long? 24 hours. After a day they put up a new design to sell. Meaning that you can collect shirts and you won’t have to worry about having the same shirt as everyone else. How much do they cost? Only $10 bucks.

Today they have up a shirt titled “Super Sonic Bros”, check out the design above. What do you think? Blasphemous ?

Contest: Tweet and win a Sonic related shirt from Insert Coin Clothing

Today we are giving one lucky twitter follower a Sonic related t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing. You can either pick the bright blue Team Sonic shirt or be a bad guy with the Eggman inspired t-shirt. I have to say, that Eggman shirt sure does look nice. So how do you enter and win one of these bad boys? Simple, follow us and retweet the message below:

Follow @SEGAbits and retweet this message to be entered to win a Sonic shirt from @insertcointees. More details:

A winner will be picked in random and notified by twitter that they won. The winner will be picked on Thursday at noon. Happy tweeting!


J!NX now has Sonic steam punk shirts

This is one of those creative ways of getting around trademarks to sell SEGA merchandise without the big bad SEGA license. Though it means that you will probably have a Sonic shirt that no one else in your town will have, so you can sit back and laugh at all the 8 year old kids that bought their shirts at Hot Topic.

Problem, kids?

[Source: J!NX]
[Via: GoNintendo]