Cartridge Thunder announces The House of the Dead 1 & 2 Music Collection Vinyls with Hardcover Box Set

The guys over at Cartridge Thunder, who previously released the awesome Comix Zone vinyl soundtrack, have set their eyes on the next SEGA music to release: The House of the Dead 1 & 2! It seems both these soundtracks will be released on a three LP box set with hardcover and extras or separately (without the hardcover).


“Some clarity on #TheHouseoftheDead box set! Both albums will be included, in their jackets, within a hardcover slipcase. The slipcase will feature artwork of Curien Mansion, the Magician, and spot gloss logos✨”

Pre-orders for the soundtrack open on September 18, 2021, so keep an eye open on their site.

Sonic Boom Season 1 Blu-Ray and Season 2 DVD now available for pre-order

We previously reported on Sonic Boom season 1 releasing to blu-ray and now we have pre-order listings and box art! Season 1 will not only include 9 hours of episodes on 3 blu-ray discs, but there will also be a digital code to be redeemed on a service called movieSPREE. Also revealed is the cover art and bonus item in the Limited Edition Gift Set for Season 2 Vol. 1 of Sonic Boom Season 2. Instead of more figures, they’re including a backpack hanger. Not as exciting as Amy and Sticks figures, but it could be because TOMY no longer produces the figures which were included in previous sets. There is also a standard version without a toy included. All three releases hit May 4, 2021 and pre-order links can be found below.

Sonic Boom: The Complete Season 1 Blu-Ray | Sonic Boom: Season 2 Volume 1 Gift Set

SEGA introduces ‘Sonic 2020 Initiative’, to announce Sonic the Hedgehog news on the 20th of every month

Guys, the year is 2020, its the future and in this future a handful of announcements aren’t enough. SEGA has officially launched the “Sonic 2020” project, a new initiative to announce various new Sonic the Hedgehog-related plans and information throughout the year.

What’s the first bit of news on January 20th? Well, of course the project itself. I bet Sonic Team are patting themselves on the back for this one. The Sonic Channel also released some art for the announcement which features social media assets and even 21 character icons. The press release for this does mention that SEGA will hold various Sonic the Hedgehog events in 2020; so keep an eye out.

I’m no Detective Conan, but don’t be shocked if we get a musical event with Tee Lopes and Crush 40, since the Sonic the Hedgehog social media has been releasing remixed tunes.

[Via: Gematsu]

Unboxing: Tokyo Game Show 2017 SEGA & Sonic Merchandise

Tokyo Game Show 2017 had a ton of awesome merchandise for sale and swag to give away, and in this SEGAbits Unboxing I dig through a package from SEGAbits writer Aki-At containing some TGS goodies! Items include exclusive Sonic Mania merchandise and swag advertising Yakuza Kiwami 2, Sonic Forces, Fist of the North Star and A Certain Magical Virtual-On.

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Persona 5 Morgana Nendoroid figure is adorable

Atlus has announced the first Nendoroid figure for its massively popular Persona 5. So who will be getting the first figure? None other than everyone’s favorite feline Morgana, the figure was shown off on Kahotan’s blog. While the Morgana Nendoroid figure doesn’t have a release date as of yet, you will be able to pre-order it on July 11, 2017 and will have a bunch of juicy specials that will make you want to have this annoying cat sitting at your work desk.

The Morgana Nendoroid figure will feature different face plates, up to four different faces that show off iconic looks from Persona 5. But the faces can also be broken into two parts, allowing more options by changing the mouth with different eyes. That is pretty cool stuff. The figure will also have seamless joints, while other Nendoroid figures have ‘joint looking’ parts, these is more seamless and more accurate to the art design in Persona 5. I personally hate the joint look that some Nendoroids have, like the Yakuza one for example. I think this is a great improvement to future figures.

The figure is also set to come with its iconic slingshot, saber and even office chair that appeared in the full game. What are your thoughts? Adorable?

[Source: Siliconera]

First 4 Figures shows off their amazing Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure

The people over at First 4 Figures making some amazing, quality figures that can be rather expensive (quality costs money) and it seems they have out did themselves with their latest Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure. You can see the scale of the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure above and the figure is HUGE! So huge, I capitalized huge. How huge is that? The Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure goes for pre-order on June 6th and will cost you a cool $384.99! A figure for the serious collectors.

If you want to see more of the statue, the guys over at First 4 Figures will have a live stream on June 6th:

  • 7:00am (California)
  • 10:00am (New York),
  • 3:00pm (London)
  • 4:00pm (Germany)
  • 10:00pm (Hong Kong)

First 4 Figures will also be giving away reward points, if you follow these instructions on their facebook page. First 4 Figures also has a wide array of other SEGA IP premium figures on their website; including Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Jet Set Radio and even Skies of Arcadia. So if the blue blur isn’t for you, you should check out what other SEGA IPs they have done figures for.  What do you guys think of this Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure? Are you picking up one? Let us know in the comments below.

Persona 4 Getting a Pin Set Limited to 200 Units, Pre-Orders Up August 7th

P4FramedPinSetAtlus hasn’t killed Persona 4 just yet, teaming up with Udon Collectibles to create the Persona 4 Mystery Puzzle Framed Pin Set. The Persona 4 pin set will be limited to only 200 sets and will be sold for $199.99 each.

Each of the Persona 4 pin set comes with eight character pins that will feature characters such as Chie, Kanji, Naoto, Rise, Teddy, Yukiko, and Yu. The pins will be professionally mounted in a 15 x 17-inch frame. As a bonus the set will also include a Persona 4 logo pin that has been 3D sculpted, this pin is exclusive to this collection and won’t be sold separately.

Want to pick up the Persona 4 collectible pin set? Pre-orders open on Sunday, August 7, 2016 at 9 a.m. PST over at Udon Exclusives Website. Good luck, they will most likely go super fast and cost a fortune on Ebay. Persona 4 released on the PlayStation 2 way back in 2008 and got a PlayStation Vita remake in 2012 as Persona 4 Golden. Atlus has re-used the characters in their Persona 4 Arena fighting games, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in 2014 and even had a rhythm game called Persona 4: Dancing All Night released in 2015. While Atlus is already planning on releasing Persona 5 this September in Japan, doesn’t mean they will let Persona 4 characters die. Wonder how they will be used in the future.

[Via: Siliconera]

Accessorize yourself with new classic SEGA console products from Numskull, and save 10% with our promo

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.35.53 AM

There has been a serious uptick in quality of SEGA products over the past year, and UK company Numskull is one of the offical SEGA licensees to thank for this. In the past month they have released a variety of cool everyday and formal accessories that pay tribute to classic SEGA hardware. Products include keychains, wallets, and cufflinks that feature SEGA Mega Drive, Genesis and Master System designs. They also have notebooks that are in the shape of the Mega Drive, Game Gear, Saturn and Dreamcast. Numskull were nice enough to send us some samples, which we will detail in a soon to come video.

The quality is top notch, and I especially love how the products are both true to the original hardware and stylish enough not to make you look like a little kid. I mean, only a real sophisticated man wears Mega Drive/Genesis controller cufflinks. I took some time actually using these to see how durable they are day to day, and am happy to report that they stand up well to everyday use.

If you live in the UK, you can check out their line of products at the Numskull online shop. As an added bonus, using the promo code SEGABITS10 at checkout will knock 10% off all non-sale items.

If you live in the US, you can find the Genesis controller cufflinks on Amazon.

SEGAbits Visits SEGA of America, Inc. in Sunny San Francisco – Part 3


Welcome to the third and final part of our visit to SEGA of America! Check out the first part here and the second part here. In part three, we’re going to take a look at several rare, cool, and sometimes strange pieces of SEGA history pulled from SEGA’s archives from SEGA community managers Kellie Parker and Julian Mehlfeld. Consoles in their original boxes, cool accessories, rare statues, and a few items from the Kellie Parker Collection™ can all be seen after the break!

Find out how to get a SEGAbits themed shirt


[This is a pre-order, last day to order is 6/10/13]

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Upcoming Sonic merch – History of Sonic Collector’s Edition and SEGA teams with Sambro to create board games and puzzles

SEGA’s longtime mascot has some cool new pieces of merchandise for 2013. First up is a Collector’s Edition of Pix’n Love’s The History of Sonic book. The History of Sonic has had a long and interesting history (well, interesting to Sonic nerds). The book began as a Collector’s Edition exclusive to France and in the French language. Soon, fans found that even if they didn’t speak a lick of French they could still order the book. Then, Pix’n Love announced an English version was to be made for the UK with international shipping available. Fans cancelled their French orders, awaited an English release and… nothing happened. That is, until Canadian publisher Udon picked up the book, refined the English translation and released it just this past December.

Just a month after the book’s release in North America, Pix’n Love’s English site has announced a Collector’s Edition of the book, which features an alternate cover, and each is individually numbered out of a total of 1,000. Aside from that, it looks to be the same book as the standard Udon edition. The price is £29.99 plus shipping, and the book is available to order now. Keep in mind, however, that the Amazon price is only $31 and the Collector’s Edition is over $47 plus tax. After the break, a bit of board game news.

SEGA says Sonic the Hedgehog can be ‘the next Hello Kitty’

Now that SEGA has decided to focus on fewer titles, some of their bigger IPs like Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting more attention. What is in store for Sonic? It means signing up more third parties to make Sonic toys, clothing and other gear you might not need but will want to buy anyway.

“Sonic is a well-known character, but we’ve got a lot of room to grow in merchandising . We dream of Hello Kitty. We’re still far off from that but we can see that our profits are growing year on year in the US and Europe [on merchandising]. We’ve got a licensing team on the ground in the UK who are focusing on that and that team will expand. We’ve got a team in the US and which will also expand. We used to run it all out of Sega of Japan, but having people on the ground is making a big difference. We will always do the computer game but the merchandising is a very important aspect to Sonic.” – Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe

In a way I’m glad that SEGA is putting their name out there more. I used to love going to stores and seeing Sonic the Hedgehog stuff everywhere. But then again, who wants to see everyone’s favorite blue blur get whored out? Who wants to see useless collector items like a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog chainsaw’? Funny that they also announced a Hello Kitty Sonic the Hedgehog themed doll a few nights ago.


J!NX now has Sonic steam punk shirts

This is one of those creative ways of getting around trademarks to sell SEGA merchandise without the big bad SEGA license. Though it means that you will probably have a Sonic shirt that no one else in your town will have, so you can sit back and laugh at all the 8 year old kids that bought their shirts at Hot Topic.

Problem, kids?

[Source: J!NX]
[Via: GoNintendo]

SEGA hires Sissel Henno to head licensing department

SEGA Europe is going to step up their licensing game, meaning you should expect more merchandise related to popular SEGA franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog in the near future. SEGA has hired Sissel Henno to head the licensing team.

“I’m very excited to become a part of the SEGA team and to grow the licensing activities around these fantastic brands. The celebration of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary this year is a great way to kick start my new assignment and I’m looking forward to working with the existing licensees as well as any new partners that we can welcome to the licensing program.” – Sissel Henno.

Sounds like we will be having a lot of junk to buy that is Sonic related for 2011. Feels good man.

[Source: MCV]