Crimson Dragon creator wants to to make a Crimson Dragon RPG

Yukio Futatsugi is the creator of the acclaimed Panzer Dragoon franchise, though he has left SEGA to work at Microsoft Game Studios Japan, the developer working on Crimson Dragon. Yes, that Xbox One title that looks very similar to the iconic SEGA franchise.

SEGA also had a spin-off of sorts called Panzer Dragoon Saga, which happens to be an RPG instead of a rail shooter. That title was created by Yukio Futatsugi, and when asked at E3 if he would ever return to make a new RPG, he said he would like to make one based in the Crimson Dragon world. Seems that the team is full of SEGA employees that worked on the old Panzer Dragoon titles and it shows.

When he was also asked if he would like to see Panzer Dragoon Saga re-released by SEGA, he stated yes. He said that they’ve talked about a re-release over at Grounding Inc (the name of his studio) and ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be too hard to remake. Of course, this RPG will only happen if Crimson Dragon does well on Xbox One…


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  1. I wonder what kind of incentives they got to hold this over and re-develop for the XBOX ONE. So now, will it be a box/disc game rather than a download?

    • Lenno says:

      Hang on, Crimson Dragon is for Xbox One only?
      There isn’t a even a hope that it will sell well then because the Xbox One has already failed miserably in the eyes of many thanks to it’s shit policies (sign in at least once per 24hr) and even if you own the disk versions of titles, you don’t own the game, just the licence to play it, which has a 24hr sign in compulsory check up.

      Well Xbox has already lost this generation before it has even begun to many, unless they completely overhaul these policies. And it leaves the Crimson Dragon title and potential Panzer series no hope, because it will have yet again, a very minimum user base of players on the system it’s exclusive to.

      They would be better off making a PS4 port of it too.

    • Samurai-Don says:

      They can’t port it to the PS4, I think that Microsoft owns the IP and is publishing the game.

      Which is a shame as I really wanted to play the game. ;_;

    • Lenno says:

      So then if that is true, it is not a real true Sega game then.

      Shame, yet, another decent Sega IP consigned to another company, if they aren’t botching up bad decisions on where to release it, they get someone else to do it, just like Bayonetta.

    • Samurai-Don says:

      Crimsom Dragon was never a Sega IP, so I don’t were you got that from.

    • Lenno says:

      Crimson Dragon is Panzer Dragoon (Sega IP) in all but name. So the staff are Sega staff, former or otherwise and and a lot of the titles material are straight out of a Sega IP, so it would be ignorant to say Sega have no significance to it.

      But it’s obviously another attempt to re-launch the franchise from scratch, but just under a new name, and start again from a new platform with a new series.

      What I am saying is that it’s another loss for Sega essentially, because it means that if it takes off and does really well, it’s practically robbed Sega of anything to do with the series, just like what happened to the Bayonetta series – which was probably one of the few decent IP’s Sega had for this generation just past with the 360&PS3.

  2. Hitrax says:

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

    Yukio Futatsugi is the director of the all Panzer Dragoons (except Orta) and that means he was behind Panzer Dragoon Saga, and is doing Crimson Dragon as well.

    Only issue is that Crimson Dragon would have to sell well enough, how likely is that?
    The Panzer Dragoon series isn’t really known for being a great seller besides a small but loyal cult following, and the question of how much it would have to sell in particular isn’t clear.

  3. Centrale says:

    It seems to me that it would have more of a built-in audience with the PS4 than the Xbox One. In any case, I hope it sells well, but don’t really expect it to…

  4. Gagaman says:

    I was tempted to get a 360 eventually for this game but now it’s been moved (I assume exclusively?) to the Xbox one…ugh.

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