SEGA helping Tecmo get back into the arcade game

Tecmo used to have a healthy arcade business, but did you know they haven’t released an arcade game since 2001’s Monster Farm Jump? That is crazy and it seems that Tecmo has recently been planning on returning to the arcade business with the help of SEGA.

Part of the plan was to deliver a “flagship fighting game arcade for 800 stores in Japan from the end of the year in collaboration with Sega.” and it seems that arcade game is a port of Dead or Alive 5, which features Virtua Fighter characters.

How exactly SEGA is helping them, is unknown at the moment. Could be handling the hardware side of things.

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4 responses to “SEGA helping Tecmo get back into the arcade game

  1. Hento says:

    Anyone know where you can buy Sega shares from?

  2. betablocker says:

    Wait so Tecmo’s Giggle boob fighting games haven’t been released in Arcade for over 10 years?

    How? I didn’t think it was that popular for an Xbox exclusive.

  3. InTheSky says:

    I’ve only just learned of the Sega “store” in Akihabara. Damn. Awesome. I want to go someday.

    Look at that Sakura Taisen advert!

    Anyway! The topic at hand:

    I don’t care about DoA, but I’ve been thinking, Sega probably is involved on a hardware level. You know how that Guilty Gear trailer had a Sega logo? Maybe they’ve been working on the hardware for that too, maybe over time they’ve been working on a proprietary arcade board or whatever. It might explain their involvement now that ArcSys has full ownership of the IP again.

    As for Koei Tecmo, I’m content to check out Atelier and listen to Dynasty Warriors music =P

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