Rumor: Two More Virtua Fighters to Cameo in Dead or Alive 5

Akira isn’t the only SEGA fighter looking to kick some Tecmo ass. A NeoGAF member claims to have hacked into the Dead or Alive 5 demo code and discovered alternate costume data. This data, in turn, revealed what very well could be the final roster. Given that we’re a SEGA fan site, I’ll skip the Dead or Alive characters and get to the characters we really care about, the Virtua Fighters! Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan will be joining Akira Yuki as crossover guests. Very exciting, if it proves to be true. What do you all think?

Akira and SEGA All-Stars Fighters with Dead or Alive releases September, 2012.


6 responses to “Rumor: Two More Virtua Fighters to Cameo in Dead or Alive 5

  1. Sharky says:

    They both have boobs, that’s all the evidence I need… Seems legit!

  2. CosmicCastaway says:

    Sarah Bryant is one of my favorite characters in Virtua Fighter 5. It’s awesome to see she’ll be another guest character for this game.

  3. Exu says:


    Sarah is _perfect_ for DOA, although I’ll wait and see with Pai. Would have thought Vanessa would have been a better fit.

    Kage would have been a god foil to Ryu though, and Eileen to Eliot, and Aoi to Kokoro…

    So, Akira goes driving with Jacky then takes his sister out behind his back, eh? Cheeky sod.

  4. Centrale says:

    I feel like I’m a parent with concerns about who my kids are hanging out with…

  5. samsonite says:

    They better not even think about associating Sarah with that smutty game, shes the queen of virtua fighter!!! Im sure Yu Suzuki would have something to say about this, if its true..

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