Altered Beast: Stage 1 Boss Aggar now in statue form

Do you love Altered Beast? Nothing like punching strange ghouls and collecting power ups that make your shirt rip due to your outstanding muscle tone. Remember the first stage’s boss named Aggar? Now you can get an toy replica so he can sit on your desk.

“Welcome to your doom!”

The figure is available to pre-order through the Japanese website called: Geek Life. A bit pricey for 11,88o yen (aka $116.74 USD), but you can’t put a price on nostalgia sometimes. They even have a full print Altered Beast shirt to go with it


One response to “Altered Beast: Stage 1 Boss Aggar now in statue form

  1. matty says:

    If I had this I could put on my wolf mask and leopard speedos, then continue punching the air and not feel weird about it.

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