SEGA Tunes: “Door into Summer” from Knuckles Chaotix

I’ve always thought of SEGA as the video game company of the summer. Many of their most memorable games start off in bright and sunny tropical paradises with endless blue skies. Stuff like Daytona USA, After Burner, Out Run, NiGHTS into Dreams, Sonic the Hedgehog and Ristar invoke the spirit of summer like few other games do.

I’ll be featuring a few of “songs of the summer” over the next month or so. Hope you enjoy them! Figured I’d start with something I’ve wanted to put up for a little while: Knuckles Chaotix’s “Door into Summer”. It not only has an appropriate name, but also has a nice, memorable tune.


4 responses to “SEGA Tunes: “Door into Summer” from Knuckles Chaotix

  1. Kevin-N says:

    I never got my hands on this before, i never had a 32x, i want one but they are so expensive here in europe, they ask like 150 euro for it.

    • Nux says:

      Not really worth that unless you’ve the money to burn XD. 32x is a neat piece of SEGA history with some awesome games and a few other curious ones, but not 150 euros worth. I wonder, could an imported American 32x work in Europe? They are dirt cheap over here.

  2. pcwzrd13 says:

    You forgot the “i” in Chaotix in the title.

  3. LowRenzOh says:

    The version they used in Sonic Generations is just plain beautiful. It’s incredibly soothing.

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