SEGA starting closed beta testing for Phantasy Star Online 2 Android edition

If you remember when SEGA announced Phantasy Star Online 2, they announced it for both PC and Vita, as well as smart phones. But the smart phone version never really came out. Don’t worry, it seems that SEGA hasn’t forgotten, at least on Android.

SEGA will be calling the Android version Phantasy Star Online 2es and its suppose to start beta on August 29th and will be playable all the way till September 1st.

The beta will allow users to raise any class up to level 20 and get freebies for participating in the beta. One of the special items will be a Sato hat accessory, Triboost +50% and a 500 fun ticket.

Of course the beta is only for the Japanese version, but who knows, maybe SEGA has been waiting to get all versions set up before they launch it in the West?



3 responses to “SEGA starting closed beta testing for Phantasy Star Online 2 Android edition

  1. Trippled says:

    Vita+PC+iOS+Andriod Episode 2 version all at once in the west

    that’d be nice

  2. InTheSky says:

    We just have no way of knowing about the West, considering the communication on this title is so poor

  3. Lenno says:

    What benefit could Sega possibly gain from delaying the Western territories from this title by making sure it comes out very where all over Asian territories?

    Is this a usual Eastern/Asian/Japanese practice in general?

    Doubt it.

    Surely if they really wanted to bring it to the West too, then they’d have said something about it by now, it’s getting late in this generations console cycle to do it as well, which makes it even less likely they will bother with it, the same with Yakuza 5, which is a real shame too, oh well, looks like the only way to enjoy these titles is by importing them and if you don’t speak Japanese, then Youtube translation guides are the next best option while you play through them.

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