What to expect from SEGA Forever in 2018 – Changes are coming!


SEGA Forever, SEGA’s mobile initiative to bring classic SEGA games to smart devices, has updated the SEGA Mobile blog with details of what we can expect from the collection in 2018. Over the past 8 months, 18 titles have been released under the SEGA Forever banner, including emulated titles and native ports. Interestingly, it is noted in the post that the native ports (Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, Crazy Taxi, and Virtua Tennis Challenge) have been the most played.

As such, SEGA has decided to make changes to SEGA Forever to appeal to gamers most interested in that aspect of the project. While emulated titles will still release, including some surprises, the main plan will be to release more native ports. As such, the amount of titles regularly released will reduce (no doubt due to the amount of work a native port requires when compared to emulation) however the next titles in the lineup will release soon. The post also notes that over the course of 8 months, there have been over 40 million downloads. Impressive!

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Read the full post here, and in the comments below let us know your thoughts on this shift in focus!

[Source: SEGA Mobile Blog]

SEGA has announced Monster Gear for mobile phones


[Artwork not from actual game]

We already know that SEGA is all in when it comes to mobile video game development and their newest entry into the mobile landscape is being called ‘Monster Gear‘, a Monster Hunter like game.

In this game players will be able to go on missions with 3 other players, the missions are set to take roughly five minutes to complete, unlike Monster Hunter where they can take generations.

The game will come with three main commands including attack, guarding and ‘special pair attack’. Once the service starts you will be able to use five different weapons including lance, large sword, dual swords, a hammer, and a bow. The game will be free-to-play, which means it will include microtransactions. The game will release in Japan as early as next month. We will keep you updated as new information is released.

[Via: Nichegamer]

“Sonic Runners” officially announced, smartphone game due in 2015

Takashi Iizuka has officially announced Sonic Runners, the rumoured game we previously reported on, during a Sonic event as Tokyo Joypolis.

The game is set to come to smartphones, with 2015 being mentioned as a release window, and is being developed by Sonic Team once again. That being said, very little is currently known about the game; more details are apparently set to be released in January. Whether Sonic Team have anything else in the works for next year is currently a mystery, but to be perfectly honest, I would like to think they’ve spent the past year or so since Lost World’s release doing more than a smartphone game, and one that it’s currently tentative in just about every way. It can at least be assumed “smartphones” refers to both Android and iOS versions of the game being on the way.

Once more details come out we’ll report on them, so stay tuned for Sonic Runners news!

Phantasy Star Online 2 create demo coming April 5th, have new screens while you wait

Are you excided to hear that Phantasy Star Online 2 is going totally free to play? Do you want to try the game now and see how your PC will run it? Well, SEGA is setting up a ‘create demo’ for us Phantasy Star Online fiends that cannot wait much longer. There will be a demo released on April 5th, via the game’s official website, so mark your calendars. This demo will allow you to create a character, which you will be able to play as later when the game goes open beta. It also comes with a benchmark functionality to see if your PC is up to snuff.

If that wasn’t all, there have a been a ton of screenshots released… including the first smart phone screens! There are also some with new weapons and a new boss from the PC closed beta. Exciting.

Yakuza social game might be headed to a smart phone near you

GREE platform, a mobile social gaming company that brought hit games to cell phone is moving its operations world wide. On the site they said they will expand their business to iOS and Android devices. They announced Seven major publishers who are joining, one of those publishers being SEGA.

Here is the less exciting news, some of the publishers listed their games as Japan only. So Yakuza for GREE a Japan only title? Nope. But it isn’t confirmed to be coming West yet, it says “locations TBA.” Hit to the jump to see all the publishers involved and click here to see the product page.