New DLC for Racing Transformed discovered on Steam


Mystery DLC has been discovered on Steam for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It has a date of November 5th. I remember a while back Steve Lycett saying there would be one more character coming this year who was rated highly on the poll. This could mean anything though. Do you think it’s Miku? Do you think its Ryo Hazuki? Do you think it’s Kazuma Kiryu? Let us know in the comments!

It might also be important to note that the past few character updates have been included as patches, yet whatever this upcoming content is seems like it’s going to be paid DLC.

View the full article to see a picture of the STEAM data.



8 responses to “New DLC for Racing Transformed discovered on Steam

  1. TB says:

    If this is who I’m thinking it is right now, I’ll be purchasing a japanese white SEGA Saturn this weekend.

    • TB says:

      I remember he toped the charts during about the first three days high above everyone else. Then Ryo followed up with an impressive momentum.

      I still grudge myself over not making the list complete from the get-go, or linking the voting pages to the ensemble of the character list. That would have helped direct people to the other options (some of the high-ranking picks were heavily advertised with the intent of voting for just one of those characters in particular) and balance the votes.

  2. Doc says:


  3. SEGAboy says:

    it’s miku

  4. mandobardanjusik says:

    actualy this list was found in the code, and here are my thoughts on it, if it isnt SUMO trolling us, and the osmradog leads me to thinking it could be a coded hint and here are my thoughts

    •Princess Elise- would say possibly Miku, because many sega fans have a similar reaction to her, as they did Elise, outta place, and doesnt entirely belong
    •Charmy Bee- Massive chatter, perhaps related to chatty fanbase, perhaps Ryo
    •Oshram Dog (some meme S0L made)- Sonic poll, which Nack was the winner of
    •Tails Doll- hmmm not sure on this one, could be in reference to a single appearance, or a robot so could be vectorman
    •Latisha (Toejam & Earl)-honestly this one kinda points to miku as well, though could be someone else, not sure
    •Greendog- it was a game by Sega Technical institute could be Sketch turner or Kid Chameolon
    •Tim Henman (Virtual Tennis) lets see, a human character related to sega but from the real world, I would say Segata is most likely

    • TB says:

      That’s seven in all. Sounds to me that those are misleading placeholders for what might be the seven characters that got pass the 1000 votes. For all we know, there may be entirely different characters among the lot.

    • mandobardanjusik says:

      hiya TB, ya, thats what I was thinking too, however sketch turner wasnt in the top 7, though greendog is a ref to Sega Technical institute, and nobody in the top 5 was made by them, heck the only person in the poll made by them was Sketch Turner(wouldnt rule out kid chameleon nessecarily

  5. So, Racer X was Ryo Hazuki. 🙂

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