Xbox backwards compatibility update brings new SEGA games and Sonic FPS boost

Xbox has made a major update to the long thought to be dead backwards compatibility program, with 76 new games added and FPS boost for new and existing games. Of interest to SEGA fans, titles from the Xbox and Xbox 360 days are making the leap to the Xbox One and Series consoles. These games include: Binary Domain (Xbox 360), Gunvalkyrie (Xbox), Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox) and Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors (Xbox).

Several Sonic titles, as well as the aforementioned Binary Domain, will see a framerate boost via the FPS Boost feature. So expect a solid experience when playing Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

[Source: The Verge]

Valve leaks player counts for Steam games, how are SEGA games doing?

Earlier today, Valve accidentally leaked player counts for all the games on their store. I can hear all the publishers gasping at once. So how are SEGA games actually doing on Steam? Well as expected PC centeric games like Company of Heroes 2, Empire: Total War and Total War: Rome II top the list. The first sign of ‘SEGA Japan’ on here starts at number 8 with SEGA Genesis Classics pulling in 1,514,485 players.

On the other hand the most popular Sonic the Hedgehog title being confirmed as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed which had 1,232,451 users, the second best Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 2 with 416,851 users. Sonic Forces didn’t seem to get much traction on PC with only 34,165 players as of the leak, getting beaten by the underrated Puyo Puyo Tetris with 47,388 players. Virtua Sanus over at ResetERA has listed all the number for SEGA games.

Concept Art on various SEGA games discovered including an All-Stars soccer & fighter

A website called Fun Solve has a gallery of concept artwork on various SEGA games has been uploaded online featuring works by game developers that had helped SEGA create video games based on their classic IPs, Sumo Digital and Headstrong Games, for game development and promotional use.

The website also features tons of concept art on SEGA games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, The House of the Dead Overkill, SEGA Rally Revo, and more including two SEGA All-Stars games with concepts of a soccer and fighting game. Now looking closely to the concept art of the All-Stars brawler seems to take inspiration from Capcom’s Power Stone franchise with SEGA characters in which Steve Lycett, executive producer at Sumo Digital, would love to make.

Check out the concept artwork on all of the games by clicking the jump and tell us your thoughts on the two unreleased All-Stars games. Shout out to Nibroc.Rock for making the discovery.

SEGA Humble Bundle sale slashes 75% off some great games


Open up your E-Wallets folks! There’s a big sale going on at Humble Bundle and SEGA is one of the main publishers, so get in on the big clearance ‘cuz everything must go! Although, technically it’s digital so it really doesn’t go anywhere. Just…data gets copied from a server and onto your computer but that data also stays at the server so it’s not like…..NEVERMIND! Anyway,here are some of the great SEGA deals going on:

And many many more! The sale ends soon, so come on down and take a gander.

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SEGA Tunes: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed remixes Panzer Dragoon’s ‘Flight’


The announcement of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is one of the more memorable moments here at SEGAbits, as it was the first major game reveal press event SEGA invited us to. Weeks before the game was officially announced to the public, we received an invite to a secret event that – while it didn’t name the game – was all but confirmed to be a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel thanks to the design and description of the event. Taking place at an indoor go-kart track in California, our writers attended and were floored when the game was revealed. The first thing that caught our eye: Panzer Dragoon was back with an impressive track named Dragon Canyon!

UPDATE: Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki now available as DLC in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for PC

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed‘s Steam store page has updated with the addition of Ryo Hazuki DLC! Unlike past additions to the PC version of the game, Ryo does not appear as a free update, but rather has to be purchased for $1.59. Riding in a trio of classic SEGA arcade machines (Hang-On, Space Harrier, and OutRun), Ryo just about beats Ages in terms of fan-service. But the real question is, who would win in a race? Daytona USA’s Hornet, or Ryo in an OutRun cabinet? Only one way to find out…

New DLC for Racing Transformed discovered on Steam


Mystery DLC has been discovered on Steam for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It has a date of November 5th. I remember a while back Steve Lycett saying there would be one more character coming this year who was rated highly on the poll. This could mean anything though. Do you think it’s Miku? Do you think its Ryo Hazuki? Do you think it’s Kazuma Kiryu? Let us know in the comments!

It might also be important to note that the past few character updates have been included as patches, yet whatever this upcoming content is seems like it’s going to be paid DLC.

View the full article to see a picture of the STEAM data.

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SEGA Tunes All-Stars: Burning Rangers’ Angels With Burning Hearts

The inclusion of a Burning Rangers course is easily one of the biggest surprises in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. In addition to a surprisingly dynamic stage that has you racing through an underwater water park that is slowly falling apart and filling with water over the course of the race, you are also treated to an excellent remix of the game’s main theme; Angels with Burning Hearts, courtesy of Richard Jacques.

This week I’ve decided to go with the Japanese version of the track, given that I’m sure you’ve all heard the English lyrics ad nauseam while racing through the course. Keep an ear out for the awesome saxophone solo at the three minute mark! Check out Richard Jacques’ remix of this track after the break.

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