Yogscast May Have Slipped About Ryo Hazuki in Sonic Transformed


Shenmue 3 still isn’t a thing, but the Yogscast may have revealed S0L’s surprise a little early. During their recent stream around 40 minutes in they had a character select screen that looked larger than normal, and of all the faces to be on there besides Simon was none other than Ryo Hazuki as seen here, and went so far as to have him in a race.

He isn’t steering a forklift but he’s riding an arcade cabinet playing OutRun instead. I assume it’ll transform into WaveRunner cabinet on water and an After Burner II cabinet in the air.  No dates have been revealed or any other details, but Sega fans can rest assured that their demands for more Ryo and more SEGA stars are indeed being met.

UPDATE: Or maybe the hovercraft mode is Ryo riding a Hang On cabinet to keep in theme with the works of Yu Suzuki.


7 responses to “Yogscast May Have Slipped About Ryo Hazuki in Sonic Transformed

  1. I just hope Ryo breaks free of PC exclusivity and comes to consoles.

  2. Bartman3010 says:

    If the consoles still care about this game at least.

  3. Alex Peal says:

    Oh god, yes. PLEASE COME TO CONSOLES. And be the first of many!

  4. InTheSky says:

    They already admitted to it. I think it’s quite nice of them to do so.

  5. This wouldn’t happen if fans, through Team Yu as a leader, didn’t go out and vote for Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of their beloved franchise Shenmue.


    This is I think the second biggest achievement by the TeamYu (the first one was when Sony PlayStation, through Adam Boyes, acknowledged Shenmue’s demand and as one of the top 3 requested games among 10,000 requests) and, thus, if we want to see more greatness for our great SEGA game Shenmue, we ought to support http://TeamYu.net/SaveShenmue to #SaveShenmue.

    Especially if we believe in Shenmue’s stronger message, that is “Keep friends, those you love, close to you.” and we have learned by the 4 Wude, particularly the Yi, that is “To act without hesitation, to do what is right.” <3

  6. cube_b3 says:

    I have mixed feelings about the Hang-On cabinet on water…

    On one hand it is keeping true to AM2 franchises on the other hand Hang-On simply does not belong in water.

    It is unfortunate AM2 never designed any games associated with Sea vehicles. Going with Wave Runner would have been inappropriate as it would violate the whole 80s era that Shenmue belongs to.

    Oh well we should be glad that Ryo finally made the cut, I just hope the forklift is still his special move 😛

  7. PsychoJosh says:

    They got the transforming cabinet idea from me.

    As can be seen here, I posted this idea for Ryo’s vehicle on the Sega forums a year ago. They’ve followed it quite closely so far, therefore it all but confirms that the air mode will be a Space Harrier cabinet.


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