SEGA Amusement to show off Storm Racer G At EAG2014

EAG Expo 2014 is a new trade show that will be held on January 21st to the 23rd in London. SEGA has announced that they will be showing ‘14 exciting new titles plus 11 current hit games‘ at the show. One of those titles? Storm Racer G!

Storm Racer G is not being developed by SEGA, but by a Chinese company known as Wahlap. SEGA will be bringing and representing the game for the Western markets. Developer Wahlap describes the game as:

Storm Racer G is a Classic Arcade Racing Game. The game contains of 12 Tracks with 6 Hidden Tracks; a Total of 14 Cars with 7 Hidden Cars. With full force feedback steering wheel and vibration speakers to simulate car response, it brings you a real racing car driving experience.

The game, if you see the trailer above is looking a bit old school with those graphical effects. Who knows, maybe its a good thing?

srg stormracerg2


2 responses to “SEGA Amusement to show off Storm Racer G At EAG2014

  1. robert delgado says:

    is sega smart enough to port storm racer g to wii-u AND 3ds? if the aliens game is any indication then no….no they are probably NOT smart enough. hey sega, sega games on 3ds will make $$$ but you gotta put them ON 3ds to make $$$.

  2. Rich says:

    Would love to see this ported to PS4 or WiiU. Still waiting for “A 90’s Arcade Racer” to come to Wiiu!!!

    Anyone know if there’s a soundtrack available to Storm Racer G? Love the trance/euro tracks.

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