Classic SEGA Ads: Segata Sanshiro is in love

The internet has made much ado about Chuck Norris as the manliest man who has ever lived, but that’s only because they are too afraid to admit that Segata Sanshiro will one day beat them all up for not diligently playing their SEGA Saturns.

Segata Sanshiro is the definition of an unstoppable force, the embodiment of an unmovable object, but even he is susceptible to love, as this Sakura Taisen 2 commercial shows. That said, it takes a true to be willing to gleefully play in a pile of Sakura pedals with his beloved. Do not be comforted by this ad though, non-Saturn owners. After Sakura Taisen Week is over, he will come for you all…with a vengeance.


5 responses to “Classic SEGA Ads: Segata Sanshiro is in love

  1. Saturn Memories says:

    If you guys ever need to use one of these commercials again, give me a holler on the forum. I’ll hook you up with cleaner upscaled versions.

  2. Saturn Memories says:

    Sure thing!

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