Fantasy Zone 3DS port gets screens and Opa-Opa’s brother confirmed as playable!


SEGA has announced a ton of ‘3D’ ports of classic games, we have had many of the classics already released and now there is one more to add to your list: Fantasy Zone!

In a strange turn of events it seems that the title of the original classic has been extended for the re-release, now titled Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros in Japan. Why the extended title? Well, it seems that Opa-Opa’s brother “Upaupa” will be playable. According to the official site, all you will have to do is complete the original game to unlock ‘Upaupa mode’. He will have multiple weapons that can be changed on the fly with the second 3DS screen.  The game is set to come out in Japan on March 19th for 762 yen.

So what else is new? Wanna see the screens? Hit the jump!

  • Soundtrack for the game will be released on March 26th!
  • You can choose between the D-Pad or Slide pad.
  • You can change how many lives you start with, up to 5 selectable.
  • 4 difficultly settings to choose from.
  • Two versions to play: Old (JP) and New (US)
  • 3 Screen modes: 4:3, ‘full screen’ and ‘classic’ which looks like a CRT screen.
  • You can mess with pitches and frequencies of songs in sound test.

3 responses to “Fantasy Zone 3DS port gets screens and Opa-Opa’s brother confirmed as playable!

  1. SkyBlue says:

    Is Upa Upa a new character? Never came across this on any official game?

  2. SkyBlue says:

    Oh yeah, I forget about those games given one was even more obscure in the West and the other never made it outside Japan. 🙁

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