SEGA Tunes: Dick Tracy’s Stage 1 Scene A for the SEGA Genesis

Like my previous Tuesday Tunes entry, which focused on the music of Ghostbusters, this week’s tune comes from another favorite SEGA Genesis game from my childhood: Dick Tracy. Like Ghostbusters, Dick Tracy has the unfortunate distinction of being one of those awful titles… for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The SEGA Genesis version is a completely different game developed in-house by SEGA, and bears several similarities to the popular Shinobi franchise, which leads me to believe that the game was developed by the same team. But enough about the gameplay, I’ll save that for my eventual review, let’s talk about the music.

Despite being a tie-in with the 1991 Warren Beatty movie, Dick Tracy did not feature 16-bit versions of Danny Elfman and Madonna’s film music. Instead, SEGA crafted an original soundtrack that perfectly suits the 1930’s setting with moody jazzy tunes that wouldn’t feel out of place in a nightclub like the Club Ritz. In fact, I came across a remix of the above track which brings the tune out of the 16-bit world and into something resembling what you’d hear from a 1930’s jazz band. It, like the Genesis original, is a fantastic track and you can check it out below!


One response to “SEGA Tunes: Dick Tracy’s Stage 1 Scene A for the SEGA Genesis

  1. Pally Kashra says:

    Dick Tracy is a very underrated Genesis game…and the soundtrack is one of its best features.

    I think this track is amazing. I could totally see it being turned into a big band jazz or jazz combo arrangement. Great Find!

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