SEGA Channel Retro: SEGA Smash Pack and More

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Take a look, with Bartman3010, at SEGA’s earliest attempts to bring Genesis classics to your PC with SEGA Smash Pack 1 and 2, Sonic & Knuckles Collection, as well as a look at The Legend of Zelda DLC for Sonic Lost World.

Update: Archived broadcast can be seen above, enjoy!


4 responses to “SEGA Channel Retro: SEGA Smash Pack and More

  1. Shinobi100 says:

    Interesting you would have a post about a classic SEGA compilation today since I’ve been trying to promote the idea of a classic Sega compilation for PS Vita over on the SEGA forums today. It would have a hard time having a cooler name than Smash Pack, though

  2. Bartman3010 says:

    I’m surprised they don’t have the Genesis Collection for PSP on the Vita store. I assume you could transfer an install for it from your PlayStation 3 and get it running that way?

  3. Shinobi100 says:

    I don’t have a PS3 unfortunately. Even if I did, I would still hold out hope that I could get my hands on some of the games that SEGA has shown the ability to clear the licensing issues lately like TJ & E, RoS, SoR, Mega Man Wily Wars, Super Street Fighter II, and Chakan

  4. Shinobi100 says:

    This thread has gotten pretty interesting. Topics include which type of games should be included in a new SEGA compilation, the merits of digital vs. physical, and someone working for SEGA has even offered a free 3DS eShop game. If you hurry you might still be able to claim it

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