The Sound of Alien: Isolation

The music and sounds to the original Alien is perhaps just as integral and iconic part of the Alien franchise and SEGA seems well aware of that. In this latest video (Along with new gameplay footage to boot) Creative Assembly’s creative lead Al Hope speaks about the care the developer is putting into the sounds for Alien: Isolation.

Not only will it a soundtrack put together from it’s own personal orchestra (With some members of the group having worked with Jerry Goldsmith on the original film’s soundtrack) but also develop a dynamic sound system where the music changes depending on both what the player and the Alien is doing. It’s clear to see that SEGA is taking as much care as possible with this latest title after their mis-step in Aliens: Colonial Marines and having just won Eurogamer’s Rezzed Game of the Show award, they seem to be well on track to delivering a great Alien game.


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