3D Outrun to have two new BGM, new car and more!

In the second wave of 3D SEGA classics, Outrun will return on the Nintendo 3DS in stereoscopic 3D along with a virtual Deluxe Version. SEGA and M2 has also included brand new additions to 3D Outrun.

One of the newest additions for the game are two BGM pieces such as “Cruising Line” from Black Rock Shooter: The Game  by composer Manabu Namiki and “Camino ami Amor” from Jane-Evelyn Nisperos.

Another few additions is a new car colored in green, five goals, and four other customization parts. 3D Outrun will be released in Japan on April 23rd. Hit the jump for the images.



4 responses to “3D Outrun to have two new BGM, new car and more!

  1. Gagaman says:

    Pleasantly surprised to see they got the original car in, rather than the edited one from the Dreamcast port. Would love for them in include Outrun 2 music as well, interested to hear these new tracks.

  2. Spanders P says:

    Sounds promising. I wonder if they’ll include a 60fps (smooth) option from the Saturn port?
    Mightly tempted to buy a 3DS XL just to play these SEGA ports 🙂

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