Dynamite Deka gets light novel treatment titled “Dynamite Deka: Burning 2020”

You all may remember Die Hard Arcade released in the arcade in 1996, which was originally titled Dynamite Deka in Japan and it’s sequel Dynamite Cop, developed by Golden Axe and Altered Beast creator, Makoto Uchida.

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Dynamite Deka will be returning in light novel form starring the main character Bruno Dillenger aka “Mr. Dynamite” retired from taking numerous cases and is on vacation in Tokyo, Japan as tourist in the year 2020 to later face a new threat. Tatsuro Iwamoto, a freelance illustrator who has worked on Capcom’s Ace Attorney series as art director, will be in charge of the illustration of the novel.

He has aged quite a bit since his last appearance but he still carries his signature items such as the broom and pepper to take down his enemies with. The book is now available in Japan for 760 yen plus tax and to purchase on Sakuranomori Books website here.

For more information on the story summary and pictures. Be sure to hit the jump without making an explosion!

“Tokyo 2020 ─ ─.
In the eve of the celebration [certain] worldwide, in Tokyo that it springs to unprecedented boom, a man was heading.
His name is Bruno Dellinger. The legendary detective is called [Mr. Dynamite] once, it has to solve a large number of cases. But is retired now, and he had come to play in Tokyo for tourism.
“What there is sushi, tempura, also geisha?”
Despite thoughts and Bruno, terrorist groups worldwide “Fenrir” is, had already crept in Tokyo.
Bruno, Combi criminal and Sato Rage of Hong Kong born? I become able to join but can you do that to frustrate the ambitions of …… “Fenrir”?”


2 responses to “Dynamite Deka gets light novel treatment titled “Dynamite Deka: Burning 2020”

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Even before I read the news post the art style reminded me of Phoenix Wright.

  2. Centrale says:

    The return of Bruno!

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