SEGA Talk Podcast #45: Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka (1996)

Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherf-! On this SEGA Talk, Barry and George fight their way through AM1 and SEGA Technical Institute’s Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka! We discuss how SEGA’s first 3D beat ’em up has the DNA of Altered Beast and Golden Axe, the differences between the Japanese and western versions and we cover the remakes and sequels.

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SEGA teasing new Mission Impossible arcade game reveal at IAAPA Expo 2019

SEGA Amusement, the part of SEGA that specializes in arcade games has released the above image as a teaser for IAAPA Expo 2019. The posts description read: “Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It… #IAAPA2019 #IAAPA #MissionImpossible #YourMission” which is a catchphrase of the Mission Impossible franchise. Not only that, they literally have a hashtag for Mission Impossible in the post and the icon of Paramount can be seen on the left hand corner.

If this becomes true, it should be interesting to see what SEGA does with the IP. In the past SEGA has made arcade games for big IPs like Die Hard, Transformers and even Rambo. I guess we shall see soon since IAAPA Expo 2019 takes place this November 19 through the 22nd in Orlando, Florida.

SEGA Games That Are Celebrating Big Anniversaries in 2016


SEGA has created some highly popular and cult classic series of games that have stuck with people over the years. While most of you guys already know that Sonic the Hedgehog is celebrating his big 25th Anniversary this year, many other games get ignored because they aren’t as relevant as they used to be. Today we will list those mostly ignored video game franchises we all love. Did your favorite game make our list?

Round Table: Our favorite SEGA developed Saturn games


We are coming to a close in our SEGA Saturn Month here at SEGAbits, so we decided to go out in a bang by telling you guys our favorite SEGA in-house developed game. SEGA had a power house of developers during the 90’s and most of them really hit their strides during the Saturn, we know its hard to pick just one game, so we will also be listing three more titles as honorable mentions.

Like always, if you guys want to let us know your favorite SEGA developed Saturn titles, you can do so in the comments section.

Dynamite Deka gets light novel treatment titled “Dynamite Deka: Burning 2020”

You all may remember Die Hard Arcade released in the arcade in 1996, which was originally titled Dynamite Deka in Japan and it’s sequel Dynamite Cop, developed by Golden Axe and Altered Beast creator, Makoto Uchida.

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Dynamite Deka will be returning in light novel form starring the main character Bruno Dillenger aka “Mr. Dynamite” retired from taking numerous cases and is on vacation in Tokyo, Japan as tourist in the year 2020 to later face a new threat. Tatsuro Iwamoto, a freelance illustrator who has worked on Capcom’s Ace Attorney series as art director, will be in charge of the illustration of the novel.

He has aged quite a bit since his last appearance but he still carries his signature items such as the broom and pepper to take down his enemies with. The book is now available in Japan for 760 yen plus tax and to purchase on Sakuranomori Books website here.

For more information on the story summary and pictures. Be sure to hit the jump without making an explosion!

My Life with SEGA Season 2 ends with a SEGA Saturn classic – Die Hard: Arcade

My Life with SEGA season 2 ends with punches, kicks, and several explosions as Mickey Mac and I take on the SEGA Saturn classic Die Hard: Arcade in a 2-Man Scramble! With season 2 over, what’s next for My Life with SEGA? I’ll be taking a break from the series as of now to concentrate on other projects. However, don’t think for a moment that My Life with SEGA is dead.

Next season is going to change things up where I’m sharing more single-player games with friends, like Mickey Mac, Lauren and others. I’ll do some straight reviews with big name titles (yes, Shenmue II), but this will be more freeform from Season 3 onward. Also, The Next Level/No Limits VCD: Special Edition is still in the works.

A big thanks to everyone – my family, friends, fans and SEGAbits – for keeping My Life with SEGA alive and well. It’s amazing to think that, come September 11th, it will be celebrating its 3rd birthday. I love you all, and I thank you from deep down in the cockles of my heart…. maybe below the cockles. Maybe even in the sub-cockle area. Maybe in the liver. Maybe in the kidneys. Maybe even in the colon. I don’t know.


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My Life with SEGA goes John McClane insane with Die Hard Arcade

Another week and another video for My Life with SEGA posted on the SEGAbits YouTube channel. This week Die Hard Arcade is up for review.

“In this ‘classic’ episode, I review Die Hard Arcade (a.k.a. Dynamite Deka) for the SEGA Saturn. As a bonus, I manage to critique the cross-platform hit, Die Hard Trilogy….

Now, which one’s gonna’ find out what a TV dinner feels like?”

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