Check out the overly exciting trailer for Sega-Sammy Creation, a casino machine manufacturing division

Sega-Sammy Creation Inc. is a new group within Sega-Sammy devoted to the development, manufacturing, and selling of casino machines as well as the consigned development and offering of advice on game machines. The groups fist release, SICBO BONUS JACKPOT, is an elaborate casino game featuring digital screens and dice suspended by blowing air in tubes given the name D.F.S. (Dice Floatation System). Sega-Sammy Creation’s target appears to be Chinese speaking countries, as their games and website are translated to the language. Sega-Sammy Creation and SICBO BONUS JACKPOT received an overly dramatic announcement video, seen above, which feels like something straight out of Segagaga.

I’ll admit, as a SEGA fan the trailer got me a bit excited despite the fact that the whole thing is just promoting a casino game. Shots of modern SEGA arcade and console games coupled with the narrator proclaiming: “The two leading companies from Japan have come together and combined DNA! The ultimate gaming manufacturer that transcends gaming boundaries and revolutionizes entertainment”, what’s not to love?


6 responses to “Check out the overly exciting trailer for Sega-Sammy Creation, a casino machine manufacturing division

  1. Mariano says:

    Thanks for the hardwork. I already post this video on the forums and i also post a short video showing Hisao Oguchi speking about SEGA-Sammy creation if you want to check it out.

  2. Damon says:

    Why don’t SEGA just buy up Sammy too?
    I mean Sega is the dominant leader in this relationship are they not, look at the logo, the blue Sega ‘S’ overlaps the green Sammy ‘S’, Sega’s name comes first in the official trademark as always and Sega is the well more globally renowned logo brand which essentially just envelops the Sammy brand every time both share a stage.
    Sega seems more like the Big Boss here with Sammy a loyal lodger and backup body guard.

    • Damon says:

      *Note, I am not necessarily saying that Sammy shouldn’t exist shock horror, but I mean, Sega owns Atlus too, and they still have their own distinctive brand, just like all Sega’s internal R&D studios did and still do to some degree. Sammy is seldom known outside of Asia though and Sega has a more powerfully global name and brand, which of course could help establish Sammy and Atlus abroad. I don’t like the idea Sega could lose it’s distinctive individualist brand for this more Collectivist hodge podge one like what happened to ‘Namco’ with ‘Namco-Bandai’ – lol, and then to ‘Bandai-Namco’ last year – double LOL.
      Sega is very distinctly recognised with a unique brand, be a shame to just throw that away like Namco did with their own logo.

  3. Hitrax says:

    True enough now you mention it, I’m getting a strong Segagaga vibe from this after watching the two videos the channel has uploaded already so far.

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