Sonic Boom Toys available for pre-order on Toy Wiz Website

Sonic Boom toy
With Sonic Boom coming this fall on Cartoon Network, Sonic Boom merchandise seem to be available for pre-order. The Sonic Boom Launcher features our dashing hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, inside a blue wheel that can be triggered with a push of a button sending Sonic dashing in the air along with Dr. Eggman of course.

Another playset features Sonic in a blue wheel with Dr. Eggman’s Burn Bot as seen in the preview trailer of the show on the site. Both toy sets are manufactured by Tomy and are available for pre-order on Toy Wiz’s website for only $27.99 and $16.99. Release date for both products are set for August 2014.

Does this remind you of the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 toys from McDonalds by any chance? If so, tell us your thoughts on the comments below.


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