Elysian Shadows developers release video update on project

We already posted about how Elysian Shadows is being published (Dreamcast version) by the wonderful guys over at Watermelon Games. That isn’t all it seems, the team recently got private investors so some of the developers can work full time on the game.

The Kickstarter will still be happening on August 1st. Have a question for the team? We will be having the developers on the Swingin’ Report Show tomorrow, so drop any questions you might have.


2 responses to “Elysian Shadows developers release video update on project

  1. Carlos says:

    I have a couple of questions for the upcoming podcast:

    -Why include a version of the SEGA Dreamcast?
    -For Android(and Ouya), will the game be scaled down compared to the iOS, Dreamcast and PC version?
    -How big is the gaming world and how long with it take to explore all of it?
    -What is your all-time favorite Dreamcast game?

  2. Joe says:

    hmm, nice post!

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