SEGA Toys releases robotic cat and baby chick, much to the surprise of real cats

New from SEGA Toys, the creators of Wappy Dog and home to the SEGA Pico in its later days, comes Yume Neko Celeb, a white robotic cat. Retailing for 11,000 yen and released yesterday, the cat snuggles, purs and meows. Some might say this is just like a real cat, but being a cat owner myself, there is a 90% chance that a real cat will bite or scratch you if you attempt any of these things. Thankfully, Yume Neko Celeb has not been programmed to harm humans… yet.

Released on the same day is a yellow chick robot called Yume Hiyoko, which moves its wings and chirps. I for one welcome our new robot overlords. After the break, check out an extended video for Yume Neko Celeb and Yume Hiyoko.


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