Elysian Shadow developers tease stretch goals

The guys behind the upcoming Dreamcast indie developed Elysian Shadows RPG have now teased their stretched goals for their upcoming game. We had a chance to talk to them on our podcast and I can tell you these guys are passionate about this project. Definitely a game I’m awaiting release.

Of course the game is also coming out on other platforms like: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Ouya have been confirmed. But don’t worry, other consoles have now been added via their stretch goals. Their Kickstarter is set to kick off on August 1st. 

  • Bloom Lighting/HDR (extreme HD/next-gen upgrades to engine)
  • Bring the game to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, iOS, and Playstation Vita
  • Multi Language Pack
  • Cloud-Hosted Saves (wondering how this will work on Dreamcast)
  • New Game+
  • Adventures in Game Development Regularly Released on a Weekly Basis
  • Boss Attack
  • Challenge Mode
  • User-Based Content: releasing Toolkit and scripting API for modding community
  • DLC support
  • Publish User-Based Content to Cloud Storage
  • Developer Confessions (write a book about the process)
  • Throw Epic Launch Party (tickets will be available for purchase immediately as KS add-ons)
  • VMU/Mobile Monster Trainer App and Class (build a Pokemon-style monster training side game into Elysian Shadows, where monsters can be captured, trained, and summoned into combat, complete with a VMU and mobile APP allowing you to train the monsters on the go)
  • Maraca/Razer Hydra/Kinect/PS4 Minigame (Motion-based extras and minigames built into ES)
  • Local multiplayer (Secret of Mana-style same-screen local multiplayer)
  • MMO (Elysian Shadows Online: towns will be hubs for chatting, trading, and PVP, while dungeons and storyline will be instanced with 4 player parties “like Phantasy Star Online”). Not sure how it works on Dreamcast.



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