Classic SEGA Ads: Identify your dead console at the morgue in this SEGA 32X commercial

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Last week’s SEGA Saturday Morning Ads was pretty harsh on the 32X’s misleading commercial, but this week I have nothing but love for this featured 32X commercial. sh

The ad begins with a teenager, a cop, and a mortician in a morgue pulling a slab out of refrigeration. A droll narrator says “For those who purchased something other than a SEGA Genesis…”. On the slab sits a mystery video game console under a sheet, however the identity of the console is vague. It resembles a Nintendo 64, but given the N64 didn’t release until 1996 (assuming this ad aired in ’94 or ’95), it’s more likely a shot at the SNES or simply a no name console that is meant to be any Nintendo or Sony product. The shocked teenager identifies the mystery console as his as the narrator concludes “…our sincere condolences.” Didn’t buy a SEGA console? Sucks to be you.

Following the grim scene, the commercial does exactly what I had wished last week’s ad did, which is highlighting cool and exclusive games and not telling the customer that they can “just stick it in their Genesis”. While yes, simplistic Genesis stick-innery does take place, the point in this ad is that when you start with owning a Genesis, you can always add a SEGA CD and a Genesis 32X. The ad targets existing Genesis owners, showing them how easy it is to add an upgrade. It also targets potential Genesis owners, showing off the base hardware and what optional add-ons are available. Sort of reminds me of the Playstation 4’s approach in not bundling the Playstation Eye, allowing consumers to pick and choose their upgrades. The games on display are also great choices. For the Genesis, we see Jurassic Park, what I assume to be NFL Football ’94 Starring Joe Montana, and Ecco the Dolphin. The SEGA CD shows off Tomcat Alley, Ground Zero Texas, and Batman Returns, and the 32X shows off Doom and Star Wars Arcade.

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While not all the games featured were great, many were exclusives and show off their respective hardware well, plus Doom and Star Wars Arcade are both great 32X titles – far better than last week’s showcase. Back at the morgue, the mortician asks the teenager what he’d like to do with the remains of his “cold and stiff” non-SEGA console: burial or cremation. The teen’s answer? Watch the full ad below to find out!


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