SEGA to localize Yakuza Zero for the Chinese market

It seems that SEGA of Japan is really trying to cash in on the newly opened Chinese console market, a few months ago SEGA announced that they would be localizing Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in traditional Chinese. Now they have announced the same treatment for Yakuza Zero.

I’m glad that SEGA is taking advantage of China lifting the ban on consoles back in 2013. Even though console games had a 14 year ban, PC games did not and that industry was worth 6 billion dollars in China. I can see why SEGA is gambling on releasing their games for Chinese players.

But as a American gamer all I’m asking is where is my English releases of Japanese SEGA games…


7 responses to “SEGA to localize Yakuza Zero for the Chinese market

  1. Eric Tan says:

    Actually traditional Chinese only use in Taiwan & Hong Kong, China uses simplified Chinese and Southeast Asian Chinese can read both, so it’s a pretty big market for them.

  2. wiz says:

    Yeah, a big market where consoles doesn’t even exists…

  3. Chockles says:

    Yeah, and there are people that want english versions living in Asia too. I live in Hong Kong and I want this game in English.

  4. RegalSin__ says:

    1. Chinese people can not afford such things.

    2. It is an communist nation. Like people just built houses they had for years and the government told them to move and get out. They are willing to plow an entire village over and make people into homeless.

    3. Chinese highly resent Japanese vice versa. Seriously I am not kidding; people in the east have problems. Right now WE DO NOT; but those people who are defendant of their nations understands the root things. Basically without Animation and Videogames Japan is just an another China.

    JUST ADMIT. Without any of that media we would probably all be French fans, instead of J fans. Chinese people know the influence and thanks to them their society can be balanced.

    4. China wants it’s money to come in. Not the other way around. Thanks to these banns we have all these “unofficial Tvtoys.

    5. Same thing with the film market and the banning of “Avatar” the 3d bs. They want to preserve their culture and society. Not just have another westerner waltz in and tell everybody how to think and they should upgrade.

    6. Nintendo did make an “TV toy” type console in China for the N64 games. Where a person could upload the stuff. Bottom-line.

    A. China makes it.

    B. We purchase it.

    7. Do research on the great ABANDONED mall of China.

  5. king_ruckus says:

    What about the thousands of fans who’ve been asking for more Yakuza in English?

  6. Stubbles says:

    Traditional Chinese is not used in China.
    These are for Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Southeast easian countries where Yakuza has been released for years without translation, simply translated box-art.

  7. JusticeAL says:

    Why bother? The Chinese will have a copy of the game before Japan gets to touch theirs. How about you throw the game to the FANS that want it and have them do your work for you, Sega. You clearly can’t formulate even half a thought towards doing the right things.

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